Talkin’ ’bout Love

 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment.

He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18

Lord, nothing that is in me, or of me, is hidden from you. I promised long ago that I would seek to know you. I now realize that the true goal is to become one with you, which is the ultimate manifestation of knowing you. I have a consuming desire to know you. If I am to truly know you, and be one with you, then should anything be hidden from me?

My son, you already know me. There is nothing in me that is hidden from you. The attributes that you seek after, that you yearn for, that you recognize as me…you could not recognize them at all if they were not part of you; if they were not already in you. So, the process of knowing me is simply a process of awakening; and it is the process of knowing yourself.


I (we) talk a lot about love. Love is the force of creation. Love is charity. Paul and Mormon defined charity (love) in similar words. I don’t know about you, but the pure love of Christ has always seemed kind of out of reach. I’ve pondered and prayed, and self-corrected (repented) constantly, but it always seems beyond my reach. Plus, as much as I “preach” about love, you’d think that I should at least understand what it is that I’m preaching about. Well, below is the result of my pondering, and praying, and studying, and pondering, and praying, and repenting…at least so far.

What is love?

  • Love is trust, complete, thoughtless, instinctive, self-defining trust.

  • Love is the biblical “charity” – the pure love of Christ.

  • Love is light.

    • Light, physically, or at least as I understand it, is vibration – wave lengths of vibration – tiny particles of matter moving in chaos cleverly disguised as harmony. Light is life, because life is vibration, movement. It is energy absorbing as well as energy emitting vibration. Without light, there would be no creation. Light sustains and light defines creation. Love is light, so love is all these things, too.

    • Darkness is not so much the absence of light as it is the rejection of light. In darkness, there is no vibration, no light, no life. Darkness grows when light is rejected. Darkness is the ultimate selfishness. It absorbs light (life) rather than reflecting, or perpetuating it. Darkness does so out of fear – fear that it won’t have enough life. Matter, without vibration, without light, stops vibrating. It dies. Darkness is death.

    • How ironic that life is sustained by giving it away, and life begins to die as soon as it is hoarded.

  • Love is truth. Thus, love is knowledge, but it is also understanding. Truth without understanding is meaningless. Truth, with understanding, and then applied, is wisdom. Love is wisdom.

  • Love draws out faith and trust. Again, Love is life. It is that which sustains, and without it, death rules. Love is reaching out, craving goodness and righteousness, craving life. Life is glorious and eternal, and love craves all that is glorious and joyful, and because love is life, love is eternal. Love knows not death.

  • Love is that which, when given, the giver still retains it. Love is not lessened when given, but it is multiplied. If, in giving something, I no longer have it, that thing had no eternal value anyway. It was not love.

  • Love is God. God is Love. This is not just a platitude or proverb of some sort. This is reality. This is the nature of God, and as we continue through the discussion below, we are actually defining the nature of God.

    • This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5

Love is not…

  • Love is not control or possession. Such things actually inhibit vibration / light / creation. This, in turn, is death.

  • Love is not judgment or ridicule or criticism. No, love is NOT judgment or ridicule or criticism. Not ever.

  • Love is not comparison. There is no oneness in comparison, only separation.

  • Love is not “ingratitude”.

  • Love is not jealousy. Jealousy comes from a combination of comparison, judgment, and ingratitude.

  • Love is not blame, or finger pointing (read “judgment”), or deflection. These, too, lead to separation.

  • Love is not punishment, or vindictiveness, or revenge, no matter how justified one might think it is. Love never seeks to hurt another.

  • Love is not sacrifice. Sacrifice implies that I surrendered or destroyed something that I loved. Love cannot be destroyed or given up.

  • Love is not force – of any kind. Not physical, not emotional, not intellectual, not financial.

  • Love is not having “Shake my head” moments.

  • Love is not separation. Separation is the result of all these things that love is not.

  • Love is NOT fear. Love is indeed the opposite of fear. Fear is the rejection of light, of love. Fear is darkness, just as love is light. Fear stops vibration. Since vibration is life, fear, then, is death. Fear is the root cause for all of these other things that love is not.

  • Since there is no death in love, love is eternal life.

How is love manifest?

  • Love encourages. Love, when manifest, lifts. It encourages everyone to reach their best. It seeks to dispel fear, and promote trust, comfort, kindness, peace. Love creates an environment, through relationships, where people are encouraged and feel free to discover their higher selves. Love is like the sunlight, under whose rays each flower, even the lily of the field, is invited, enticed to open from its slumber to reveal its own glory.

  • Love is encouraging the fulfillment of all righteous desires – mine or yours. A righteous desire is a desire that is not motivated by fear.

    • Carnal desires that are not motivated by fear are righteous desires.

  • Love seeks oneness. What is oneness, you might ask? How is this “oneness” manifest? If I interact with a focus on encouraging others to 1) identify their righteous desires and 2) fulfill them, including my own, then we have a oneness that preserves uniqueness and individuality without separation.

    • If someone else’s righteous desires are equal to mine, then we are one. And, if my righteous desire is to seek the fulfillment of everyone’s righteous desires, including my own, then our righteous desires are the same. Again, righteous desires are desires that are motivated not by fear, thus they are motivated by love – love being the antithesis of fear. A desire to make music is a righteous desire. A desire to make music that pokes fun, or mocks, or expresses anger may not be so righteous. Yet I cannot dictate to others what is a righteous desire. I can only encourage them to seek that out for themselves – to learn to distinguish between righteous desires, and desires that are motivated by fear or which interfere with the righteous desires of others.

  • Love rejects jealousy. There is no place for jealousy in a loving heart. None. Zero. Zip. Got jealousy? Then something is seriously wrong.
  • Love does not dislike others, because it recognizes the complexity and the ultimate divine potential in each individual, in each shining (giving off light), living point of God’s creation.
  • Love is patient. This is not just the opposite of impatient, but it is patience driven by perspective.
  • Love forgives. Better yet, love chooses not to be offended in the first place, because love is patient and love has perspective and because…
  • Love looks for the Christ in everyone.
  • Love never, ever, seeks to elevate oneself at the expense of others.
  • Love is word. Word is not only spoken, but done, so word is also deed. Love not done means nothing. All the knowledge, understanding, or wisdom, even that of God, means nothing if it is not shared – even if it is not used to promote the fulfillment of all righteous desires.
  • Love is joy! Love manifests itself as joy. When joy becomes a habit, or a state of existence, we have “become love”.

Love is the nature of Christ. Christ’s nature is love. There is no darkness in Him. I trust Him. When I commune with Him, which I do daily, with varying degrees of intimacy and interaction, I recognize in Him the virtues and attributes that inspire complete faith and trust. He would never manipulate me, or seek to control me, or deceive me, or judge, ridicule, or become impatient. It’s just not in His nature. To repeat from above, if I didn’t have these same virtues and attributes within myself, I could never recognize them in Him. All of the “Love is not” points above…my indulgence in, or failure to fully reject these things, is the reason that all of these Christ-like virtues, which the definition of love, are not fully, perfectly manifest in me, or in my interactions with others. Remember, only through our interactions does any virtue or attribute become real, or manifest. My failure to fully implement this is the reason I have not yet “become love”.

Largely, I think, Christ’s virtues and attributes are manifest through us, as we receive His light, or eternal life, and pass it on, through our word (spoken and acted), because few are those who seek them directly from the source. At some point, when someone is ready, we, in an act of love, must point to the source of the light. At some further point, though, once we have rejected all darkness and are one with Him, we will begin to share our own light. This is the fullest way in which we can glorify Him. This is the ultimate in creation.

Finally, the lyrics from a song I wrote, called “Prayer”. In its way, it is a lyrical summary of all the above:

Shine on Me

Shine on Me

Love is life, and it binds us all together.

Won’t you shine on me


Swing me like a child

Swing me like a child

Round and Round, til we’re dizzy in our joyfulness

Won’t you swing me like a child


Sing your song

Sing your song

Shout for joy, and release the light within you

Won’t you sing your song


Shine on me

Shine on me

Love is life, and it binds us all together

Won’t you shine on me

Won’t you shine on me

Won’t you shine…Lord, won’t you shine

On me

3 comments on “Talkin’ ’bout Love

  1. I was directed in an amazing way to a book on this subject, “Real Love” by Greg Baer.

  2. Thank you, Russell. Am I off base, or are there consistencies?

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