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Denver, a Covenant, and a Community of Christs

What I am about to say today is pretty bold, but I think it’s important enough that I’m going to stick my neck out anyway. For me, these thoughts opened up a lot of understanding, and cleared up a lot of confusion. In my mind, of the four questions included in the proposed covenant being […]

A Tough Confession

I desire to confess some things before you all, and I hope in doing so we will all look into our hearts and honestly assess whether or not we might be guilty of similar things. I first heard about this whole John Doe affair many months ago. I was disappointed, but was also somehow, in […]

Polluting the Love of Christ

I have come to recognize just today that I perpetually pollute my relationship with Christ. I do that by putting conditions on His love, and as a result I put conditions on my love – my love for Him and my love for others. When I do this, I can’t receive His love unless I […]