The Gospel According to Scoot #1 – Judgment

My last post, Conversations with God #12,  elicited some questions from someone who is having trouble reconciling my “theology” with their understanding of the gospel.  Each question asked is so deep that it elicits a thoughtful response.  This may become a series.  I hope so.  I guess we’ll see.  One of the most prominent, repeated […]

Conversations with God # 12 – “Two Eternal Marriages”

This post is perhaps the most important thing I have ever written, or, as in this case, recorded.  I cannot even share it without ensuring that you, the reader, understand the following things: I have been trying for years to understand the gospel in real life, attempting to understand the real meaning of the metaphors […]

Conversations with God #11 – You Need not Walk Alone

Lord, I suppose I should learn not to always come to you for validation.  I think that I should probably begin to learn to receive validation and joy in myself; in my knowledge that I am doing your will; that I should just be satisfied with that.  At some point, when that perfect day comes, […]

What if Jesus said, “No”?

This morning I prepared myself for a long communion with the Lord.  I had plenty of time and a good night’s sleep.  I prepared the sacrament (bread and wine – actually, cracker and juice), I offered up prayers for friends, family, etc.  All was as it should be.  Then, I prepared to settle in and […]

To Know God…

To know God is to know yourself. I have written before about my experience 20+ years ago in which I promised God that I would “seek to know Him”, and He responded in spectacular fashion, “Game on!” I highly doubt that I would be writing this right now if I weren’t continuing to keep my […]

…That They Might Have Joy

Adam fell that men might be; and men are that they might have joy.  2 Nephi, 2:25 The story of the Garden of Eden, in which Adam and Eve walked with God until they partook of the forbidden fruit, commonly called the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, is common in […]

Conversations with God #10 – Ridin’ the Bus

Lord, why are we on a school bus? I don’t know – you chose this place. It’s funny – I’m sitting here in my denim and plaid flannel, and you’re in your white robe.  But you look really relaxed – leaning against the window, your feet stretched out on the seat. Why wouldn’t I be […]