Jesus said, “Let me love you”

Jesus said, “Why can’t I just love you?

Why can’t I just love you the way you are, now? Why do you always feel like you have to live up to some standard before we can just love each other? Why do you always feel like you’re not worthy, or not good enough? Even if you think you’re beyond that, it lingers. You continue to seek justification, worthiness.

It hurts, you know? It’s actually lonely when everyone pushes me away because they don’t think they’re good enough, or I’m too good. How would you feel if everyone put you on a pedestal…’the only perfect man’…and then denied you the love that brings you your greatest joy?

Perhaps you don’t realize the ways in which you push me away. Right and wrong. Good and evil. Judgment, justice, punishment. These concepts only come between us, and keep us separate. They prevent us from being one…from loving each other.

You say, ‘But you’re God’.

What does that really mean? ‘God’. Yes, I’ve lived more, loved more, learned more. Yes, I have more wisdom and knowledge than you. I have a great mission. And I have access to power that you cannot understand at this time, including the power of resurrection. But you will have access to all of this if you learn to fully love. And of all these things, the greatest power is simply love, and you deny me this because you think you’re not good enough.

You see, love is the key that unlocks eternity…for each of us. For you. For me. For each of us and for all of us.

What is God anyway if God cannot extend love, and have that love received – freely, wholly, without condition? Do you think that Paul’s mini-sermon on love in his letter to the Corinthians somehow does not apply to me? It applies to all things, to all creation. Nothing is permanent if it is not love. Only love is eternal. So, if I am eternal, and if you are eternal, we must be love.

But instead you fear me. You fear that I will judge you, even punish you. In truth, my love is so far beyond any concept of judgment…there is really not room for judgment in my love. No, I just want you to be joyful. And I want to teach you to be joyful…how to create your own joy. The was the purpose of my earthly mission. This is the will of the father, and this is my will, and in this we are one – in desire, in will, in purpose.

And we would be one with you in this same way. This is our will. This is our desire. This is the measure of all creation.

But instead, you’re afraid.

Please don’t be afraid. Please take me at my word that love is all things. If you love me, then please keep my commandments, which are to love God – me, us, you, creation – and to love your neighbor as yourself.

When I invite you to come unto me, it is an invitation extended without condition, without guile, without implied threat if you do not. It is a free, open, invitation. And it is not a commandment. It is an invitation to partake of the love that defines me; that defines the Father; that defines all creation.

But you’re afraid.

Why are you afraid? Why will you not come to me like a little child – fearless, trusting – and let me love you? What have I ever said or done to cause you to do otherwise? Why can I not just love you, and you love me?

Of course, this invitation remains open. And I remain patient. But I will never be whole until each of you have come to me, and me to you. Loving each other. Without fear. Yes, I will never be whole until each of you let me love you; and until each of you love me. And each other.

Without fear. Without condition. Without holding back…


2 comments on “Jesus said, “Let me love you”

  1. Your question reminds me of the question in scripture—“Whjy will ye die?” Who can understand the human heart? It is deeper than a well. We do such irrational things. Aside from feelings of unworthiness, why would anyone refuse such an invitation to love? Probably due to the same reasons we walk past any invitation of real love. Perhaps it is a fear that there is a hidden price to be paid or bondage to that love by accepting love. Perhaps it is due to a strange feeling of seeking revenge if G-d did not seem to help in some time of need in the past. Perhaps in times of trial, G-d seems to be hiding in some desert pavilion. (D&C 121) Perhaps one feels alone, unable to access love through some scar of the soul.

  2. Mark, you’ve clearly thought about this a lot. And if my post prompted you to think about it further…that’s the purpose. From there, we each need to figure it out for ourselves.

    I, myself, have spent hours communing with Jesus, learning to strip away the “insanity” that causes me to reject that perfect, unconditional love that is offered. It’s still quite the journey, but I’m making progress.

    I’m so glad that you still take the time to read what I write.

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