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A Personal Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith

In June of 2009, just prior to leaving for the MTC on our mission to Paris, France, Diana and I visited the heritage sites in Missouri.  Most importantly – we visited Carthage Jail.  There was nobody else there that day – just us and the missionaries, so we not only had a personal tour of […]

…Help Thou Mine Unbelief

In the men’s dressing room at the Salt Lake Temple hangs what appears to be a full-size copy of a Walter Rane painting depicting Christ calming the seas.  The painting is rich in its colors and full of action, with the angry waves threatening to swamp the small vessel that barely contains the six other […]

Reflections on D&C 67:10 – Jealousies and Fears

I have referenced this scripture many times in my posts and, as I continue my personal journey, the depth and consequence of the phrase “inasmuch as you strip yourselves from jealousies and fears, and humble yourselves before me” grow increasingly prominent.  Perhaps the significance is unique to me and my journey – perhaps because I […]