Conversations with God #8 – Of Eternal Life

“Lord, I promised I would seek to know you.  I’ve tried really hard to keep that promise.  I’ve learned that I can’t really know you if that knowledge is filtered through the vision or knowledge of others, so I am seeking to come directly to you.  So, Lord, please tell me…who are you…REALLY??!!”

The response was immediate and clear:

“I am all goodness.  I am love.  I am life.  I am light.  I am knowledge.  I am creation.  I am eternal because these things are eternal.   And I am these things because I desire to be these things.  I came to know the difference between life and death, between eternity and time, and I desired life and love.  I became these things because I desired them.”

“This is creation – to become your desires.  Creation of the eternal is to become the desire for things that are eternal.  As you know, something is eternal only if, when you give it away, you still have it.  Its abundance is not diminished, but multiplied; thus creation.  These things are eternal.  These things are life.  All else eventually has an end.  All else is death.  The Father created His desires.  The “Word” is the desire of the Father.  Creation is the manifestation of those desires.  He is a manifestation of His desires just as we all, ultimately, become a manifestation of our desires.  If we desire life…that which is eternal…we will become that.  We will have eternal life.  If we desire death, we will become death.  Our eternal journey is that we might learn, as I did, to distinguish between the things of life and the things of death, and to desire life; then to become a manifestation of our desires.”

“You are learning to desire life.  You are learning to distinguish between life and death, and you are choosing life.  Thus, you will one day become as I am.  You will one day become as the Father is…a manifestation of your desires…the desire for life.  Your journey is to become that manifestation of your desires.  This is divinity, that you understand the difference between life and death; that you desire life; and that you become a manifestation of those desires.  This is to become one.  Your path is set.  You are mine, as I am the Father’s; and we are one in our desire for life.”

“Lord”, I thought, “what about Diana”?

“Oh, my son.  What joy fills my heart!  I have just told you that your path to eternal life is assured, and your first thought is of your wife.  Yes, she is on the same path.  Now – can you have the same love for all your other brothers and sisters?  If you desire this, it will be.”

“Thank you, Lord.  You know this is my desire.  I am indeed selfish in so many ways.  I have much to overcome, I know, but I see clearly now that I must continue to refine and cling to my understanding of the difference between the things of life and the things of death, and that I must continue to nurture my desire for life.  I believe you, Lord, and I readily take these things into my heart.  I eagerly repent of my desires for things that have an end; that I may more fully seek to become a manifestation of those things that are eternal.  I trust that these things you have taught me are true.”

2 comments on “Conversations with God #8 – Of Eternal Life

  1. Thanks Scott for your faith and love!

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