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Come Unto Me – Hear My Voice

“Monty” is 96 years old.  He grew up in Payson, Utah and joined the church at the age of 13.  His mother was a Latter-day Saint, but His father saw no need for religion of any sort.  “We never even had a bible in the house”, he said.  While I’ve heard this story before, perhaps […]

An Apostle’s Lament

The following post is actually an extract from my journal of revelations.  It came to me very quickly one night when the Lord said, “Get up and write”.  I have made a few grammar corrections, but I was amazed at how little it needed to be changed. ***************************** This fictitious scenario speculates about the possible […]

Please Believe – A Love Story

I’ve been tempted to write this message to you, my friends, many times before, but it never seemed like the right time.  Now, obviously, it is.  It’s the right time because now I can write it without judgment, without rancor, and in profound peace. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has changed – […]