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Why I REALLY love Mormonism

I recently read an essay by Simon Critchley in the New York Times entitled, “Why I love Mormonism”. In my mind, this essay couldn’t really figure out what it was trying to say, and it certainly did not justify its title because by the end I was quite convinced that the author doesn’t love […]

Beyond the Telestial

I’m tired of living without feeling! I need to cry!  In my recent post, “A Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit”,…ontrite-spirit/ I talked about how I began at the age of 7 years protecting myself from the pains of this world. I also shared a dream in which, as a result of years of […]

As Current as the Morning Newspaper

It would likely be impossible to read all that has been written about the missions of Alma and the Sons of Mosiah as recorded in the Book of Mormon. A full 13 chapters of the Book of Alma are devoted to the Sons of Mosiah’s mission among the Lamanites. These chapters include the timeless stories […]

A Broken Heart and A Contrite Spirit

  Warning! This is highly introspective and personal – kind of a confessional. It was 1960, and I remember standing there watching our next door neighbors pulling away in their fully loaded station wagon, moving far, far away (actually, only from Lawton, OK to Oklahoma City – maybe 90 miles), never to be seen again. […]


Peace – almost everyone in the world seeks it.  I suspect that even those who appear to thrive on chaos and conflict actually engage in such things in a desperate, perverted and subconscious striving for peace within themselves.  But what is peace?  How often do we really ask ourselves that question?  And, for something that […]