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Conversations with God #9 – To Seek to Know Me

My son, you asked me, “Why must I seek to know you?  Why can I not just know you?” You must seek to know me for the same reason you must seek to know anyone else.  Your ego has set up a protective shield around you, as has everyone else’s ego.  You (your ego) only […]

Being Loved by Jesus

Love is encouraging the fulfillment of all righteous desires – mine or yours. A righteous desire is a desire that is not motivated by fear. – Scott Stover   I wrote recently about “Loving Jesus”.  This morning I realized, “Duh!  Relationships must go two ways!”  So, how about “Being Loved by Jesus”? How does […]

Loving Jesus

 “Love is trust, complete, thoughtless, instinctive, self-defining trust.  Love is the biblical “charity” – the pure love of Christ.  Love is light.” – Scott Stover I discovered this morning that, when I pray, I am using Christ.  I go to Him for comfort – to tell me that I’m ok. I go to Him […]