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Seeking Exaltation – Part 3 – The Second Comforter

This series was prompted by the following statement from a new friend: “I’ve been endowed, I’ve been married in the temple. What now?……Enduring to the end sounds so…….grim!” I think far too many of us – good, faithful members of the church – kind of go into a spiritual holding pattern after we’ve been sealed […]

Seeking Exhaltation Part 1 – Receiving the Holy Ghost

My new friend, a delightful young mother from Lehi, said, “I found myself thinking, ‘Well, I’ve been endowed, I’ve been married in the temple.  What now?  I mean, enduring to the end sounds so….grim!” All around the table laughed, but not because it was funny – rather because it rang so true.  For example, when […]

Of Ministering Angels 3 – Doug and Suzanne

This is part 3 of the story or our mini-vacation to Goodyear’s Bar in Sierra County, California. It is the story of 4 couples – 8 ministering angels – who live, each in their own way, by the light of Christ, and who touched each other’s hearts as only His angels can. For I remember […]

Of Ministering Angels 2 – Mike and Katie

In my last post, Of Ministering Angels – Mark and Tammy, I talked briefly about the peaks, valleys and plateaus that we often go through as we make our spiritual journey back into the presence of our Heavenly Father.  I wrote of a recent plateau that I had been experiencing, and of how the Lord […]