Marriage, Mutuality, and Oneness in Zion

Diana and I have been traveling for the past month, largely visiting family. Since we moved up to North Idaho, and don’t really have money for plane tickets like we used to, we drove. A lot. Salt Lake City, LA, Phoenix, Salt Lake City.  I’ve stayed abreast of most of the goings on with the […]

The Covenant – Doubts and Assurances

As we prepare to leave for Boise today, I’m experiencing doubt. I’ve found in my life it’s not good to run away from things, especially fears, but it is better to face them. Why the doubts? Let me count the ways: There are some who talk about secret things they know about Denver and/or the […]

Denver, a Covenant, and a Community of Christs

What I am about to say today is pretty bold, but I think it’s important enough that I’m going to stick my neck out anyway. For me, these thoughts opened up a lot of understanding, and cleared up a lot of confusion. In my mind, of the four questions included in the proposed covenant being […]

A Tough Confession

I desire to confess some things before you all, and I hope in doing so we will all look into our hearts and honestly assess whether or not we might be guilty of similar things. I first heard about this whole John Doe affair many months ago. I was disappointed, but was also somehow, in […]

Polluting the Love of Christ

I have come to recognize just today that I perpetually pollute my relationship with Christ. I do that by putting conditions on His love, and as a result I put conditions on my love – my love for Him and my love for others. When I do this, I can’t receive His love unless I […]

Separation, Salvation, and Unconditional Love

I had a wonderful prayer yesterday morning. It was one of those prayers where you just kind of receive knowledge and comfort and assurance all at the same time. They don’t happen often, but it’s really nice when they do. At the center of this prayer – kind of the anchor on which hung all […]

Crime, Punishment, and Forgiveness in Zion

Zion, when it is established, will be revolutionary. Little about the society, the culture, perhaps even the inhabitants, will be recognizable if viewed through the lens of our 20th and 21st century experiences. For this reason, I suspect that most of us have little idea what it will truly be like. In this post, I […]