The 6 C’s of Separation

The 6 C’s of Separation It was a couple years ago that I began developing the concept of “The 4 C’s”. I published the idea in a blog post, but I didn’t name it “The 4 C’s”, so I’m really not even sure which of the now 212 posts introduced the idea. The seed of […]

New Years 2021 – a Message of Love

Our reality is one of perception. It can be no other way. Our 5 senses, and their ability to perceive the world around us are astonishing, but they are limited, and those limitations are different in each one of us. The perception of a blind person is not the same as the perception of a […]

Musings on the Atonement, Part 2 – “By His Stripes we are Healed”

In part 1 of “Musings on the Atonement”, we discussed a series of contrasts: Fear vs. Love Good vs. Evil Oneness vs. Separation Death vs. Life Judgment vs. Empathy In part 2, I hope to explore the idea that the Atonement somehow enables the healing of this illusion of duality / separation / fruit of […]

Musings on the Atonement – Part 1 – “Fear, Love, Duality”

“Love just gets bigger when you give it away” “Friends Forever” by Shiloh Rising Did Jesus perform some great cosmic miracle, as many religious traditions claim, in the Garden of Gethsemane, whereby He took upon Himself the punishment – demanded by justice – for all the sins committed by all who lived from the beginning […]

Jesus said, “Let me love you”

Jesus said, “Why can’t I just love you? Why can’t I just love you the way you are, now? Why do you always feel like you have to live up to some standard before we can just love each other? Why do you always feel like you’re not worthy, or not good enough? Even if […]

Realizing Zion

Zion is all about relationships. Relationships are all about love… and faith. Faith is the antidote to fear, and there can be no fear in love, so if I would love, then I must have faith. Faith in what, you say? Faith in the real power of love. Power to create. Power in eternal life. […]

Chakras; Receiving God’s Unconditional Love or…”Let that River Flow”

God is love. Love is God. Whatever box or graven image we might create for God; whatever name or visualization we might have given Him in our sincere attempts to comprehend Him, God is bigger than that. He is more kind, more compassionate, more patient, more full, complete, perfect…than that. God’s love is unconditional. It […]

Love thy Neighbor as Thyself

…And the second is like unto it. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Matthew 22:39 We are immersed in a world of fear, doubt, inadequacy. I don’t know a single person who isn’t constantly questioning themselves. “Am I good enough? Am I worthy? Do I do enough? Am I as good as so and […]

Unconditional Love

I suppose everyone on this planet asks themselves, with varying degrees of intensity, commitment, and integrity, the question “what is love?” It occurs to me that it is presumptuous to even attempt to answer such a question. Any such attempt is doomed to being incomplete, if it’s not just spitting into the wind. Nevertheless, I […]

Conversations with God # 18 – A Warm Hug

I offer the following as a revelation. Nothing about it is binding in any way. It is offered, with pretense, by invitation only. As with much revelation, it represents an outpouring, a condensation within a brief time, of much teaching and learning and processing over days, months, years, perhaps even lifetimes. It is absolutely filtered […]