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Come Unto Me #5 – “If You Want to Kiss the Sky…”

And he that receiveth my Father receiveth my Father’s kingdom; therefore all that my Father hath shall be given unto him.  (D&C 84:38) Writing what I want to share today is risky.  There is the possibility that some will read and think that I am exalting myself or “rushing the pass”.  I hope I can convey what I believe is a very important message […]

To the Valley View 9th Ward – a Love Story #2

To the Valley View 9th Ward – a Love Story #2

I saw Katy Robbins hobbling across the street yesterday afternoon.  We had just parked our new home – cleverly disguised as a 33’ fifth wheel – on Colt Haven circle, where it is to stay for two weeks before we take it into the wilds of Boundary County, Idaho.  She, in turn, was walking off […]

Joseph Smith – “I am not an adulterer”

My friend, Bret Powelson, posted a blog recently that I want to share.  It is found here, and it is well worth reading: Update: Brett’s post is no longer available. I also feel compelled to share my testimony on the topic.  It is short and sweet.  Joseph Smith is not, and never was, an adulterer.  […]

Revisiting the Second Comforter

My purpose in writing this blog is not in any way to demean the soul-defining experience of seeing the face of our Lord and Savior in vision.  For most of us who have prayed to have such an experience, it still awaits – beckoning – a mighty hope that has, thus far, remained just that, […]