The Gospel of Jesus Christ

I try often to write of my understanding of the gospel, of truth, in different words than those found in the canon of scripture.  This is typically a means of improving my own understanding, like if I can reword what the scriptures say, I somehow “prove” it.  It is also a means of integrating truths found outside the canon with those in the canon into a consistent, whole truth.  I do not believe that this resulting body of truth contradicts the canon of scripture, but it often contradicts the traditional interpretation of the scripture.  This sometimes makes people uncomfortable.  If that discomfort causes them to reject whatever truths might be revealed or emphasized – that may be a bad thing.  The other alternative is that the discomfort may trigger them to re-examine, or even confirm, their own understanding – not necessarily so they agree with mine, but so their understanding, like mine, might be more whole, more complete, in their mind.

In keeping with this spirit, I share the following description of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I present it in the first person, in the words of Christ, because that is how it came to me.  I pray that it will enhance understanding, perhaps even offering yet another witness of the truths that govern our existence.  Please accept these words in the spirit in which they are intended – the spirit of love.


The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Life is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. When you seek to protect yourself from the illusion of separation, death, hate, and fear, you take on burdens that are grievous to be born. The truth, which I have shared with you, will free you from these burdens.

The truth is that I love you. I love you because I have learned that we are one, with each other, and with God, who is my father and yours. Love is our created state of existence. It is who we are.

It is also true that we are eternal beings. Death itself, which causes so much fear, is an illusion. When life is defined by fear of death, you cannot fully love. You must remain separated from the source of life. I have shown you, with my life, that death does not need to be feared. The only death to be feared is the death of the spirit, and this death is, ironically, the result of fear, or a failure to love.

Love is life, and it binds us all together. It binds us because when we love with divine love, we become one. This divine love is the healing of separation. Fear is death, and it keeps us separated, and any existence that relies on separation is temporary, is an illusion, and will end in the death of that existence. Yet, even that death is an illusion, because each of us will eventually learn the truth, which is that we are God because we are part of God; we are in Him and He is in us…each and every one of us.

There is much focus in this mortal existence on laws and justice (commandments and judgment). Laws are fine. Obey them if you wish. But laws, of course, mean nothing if they are not enforced, and that enforcement requires… “force”. Force is not love. It never was, and it cannot ever be. Therefore, obedience to such laws cannot lead to life, only to death. God’s laws, the laws that govern the universe, need no enforcement. They are inviolable. They simply “are”. Another problem with laws that need to be enforced in order to validate them is that someone has to enforce them, and there are very few who are pure enough, innocent enough, to enforce them on someone else without being hypocritical. And those who are pure enough…well ,they understand the truth, which is that these laws are ultimately unnecessary and meaningless. Their very existence is an illusion, and enforcement of these laws is an act of violence, and ultimately death. Furthermore, obedience to such laws is out of fear, and we’ve already established where fear leads. Love is the only law that is necessary, for it is love that governs the universe, and to obey the law of love is eternal life, and to deny the law of love is death.

It has been said, “The wages of sin is death”. This is truth. But sin is nothing more than acting in violation of God’s law. And what is God’s law? God’s law is love. So sin is acting in violation of love, and its “wages” come about naturally, because love is life, and a lack of love is death. Again, God’s laws need no “enforcement”, and to seek to “enforce” God’s law is not love, and is therefore sin.

My natural state of existence is joy. YOUR natural state of existence is joy. If you do not live in a state of joy, you are living in denial of yourself and, by extension, me, and our Father. This is contrary to His will, but your freedom to choose that denial is part of your growth, which IS His will. So even when you are in denial of us, your are still part of us, and we will never reject you; your denial is a temporary illusion,, and will eventually be overcome as you accept the truth.

My natural state of existence is peace. YOUR natural state of existence is peace. The universe, of which you are an integral part, is created in perfect harmony. You are part of that harmony. Even when you perceive conflict, that perception is an illusion. All things are ultimately according to God’s will. An understanding of this truth will help recognize that you exist in peace…in the peace of God – the peace that passeth all understanding.

You are so powerful! The universe was created as the result of the faith, hope, and love of the mind of God. YOU were created as a result of the faith, hope, and love of the mind of God. You are an extension of the mind of God, and therefore you have inherited the power of God, which is the power of love, for God is love, therefore you are love. Love is the power of creation. To know yourself is to know me, and it is to know God. This is life…eternal life. Therefore, to know God is to know me and to know yourself. I have taught you, and this is my gospel, to know yourself in all your joy, in all your peace, in all your glory, which is, in truth, the glory of God. I have encouraged you – I do encourage you – to have faith in my words, in these truths that I have taught (faith and belief in me). I encourage you to reject the illusion of separation, of jealousy and fear and death (repentance). In doing so, you enable yourself to truly know yourself, and thus to know me and our Father; and thus you enable yourself to have eternal life (endure to the end). If you will believe these things that I have taught you, and learn to recognize their truth, that truth will set you free to experience yourself, your life, in its fullness of peace and joy. You will be enabled to cast off these burdens of separation and protection that you have gathered round yourself, but that weigh you down and bind you to a lesser existence than that which is truth.

This is my gospel. There is no fear in (divine) love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment (not peace or joy) He that feareth is not made perfect in love (does not have eternal life). Believe in me, in my words; repent of fear and separation; and you shall have eternal life (a fullness of joy). And I will never not love you.

2 comments on “The Gospel of Jesus Christ

  1. Scott
    Now I can see why you have left the the church of Christ and started your own.
    So sorry that you have twisted the gospel to fit you understandings with out the Holy Ghost.
    I still love you as my brother.

    • Oh, Ray. I haven’t started my own church. I am simply a member of Christ’s church – I seek Him and His church.. I’m sorry you do not understand.

      D&C 10:67-67 Behold, this is my doctrine—whosoever repenteth and cometh unto me, the same is my church.

      68 Whosoever declareth more or less than this, the same is not of me, but is against me; therefore he is not of my church.

      Ray, I do not criticize you. You are on your path back to the Lord, and I praise that, and hope you find Him. I don’t try to tell anyone what their path should be, or what they should believe. I simply share what I’ve discovered as I continue to seek Him.

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