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Conversation With God – #3

Note:  Obviously, this is the third of my posts entitled “Conversation with God”.  I do not mean for these to be irreverent, or to betray any kind of sacred intimacy.  I do not post all of them.  They are not word-for-word transcripts of my prayer, and are typically a composite of multiple prayers that eventually […]

Queretaro Diary #1 – A Little Raven-Haired Mexican Beauty

There is an energy that one can feel in most large downtown areas.  I’ve spent time in Paris, Bangkok, Seattle, San Francisco, LA and Chicago, and in all of them, there is a palpable energy that permeates the streets, the buildings, the cars and the hearts that walk their streets.  I was walking on the […]

The Poet, The Preacher, and The Prophet

Sometime around 1996-1997, before I met my precious wife, Diana; before I innocently covenanted with God to “seek to know Him”, and at least 2 years before I joined the LDS church, I wrote a song called “The Poet, The Preacher, and the Prophet”.  Here’s a live (translated as “not studio quality”) recording of Diana […]