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My Conversion Story

My conversion to the restored gospel has been a life-long process.  I was raised of “goodly” parents who generally taught me Christian principles.  For much of my childhood we were not particularly diligent in our church attendance but I still grew up attracted to the teachings of Christ, knowing in my heart that they were […]

Musings From Paso Robles – August, 2013

It has been a while since I’ve had a real strong inspiration about something worthy of a post.   Diana and I took our vacation to Madeline Island off the Wisconsin coast of Lake Superior, and that trip actually yielded 3…separate…posts, but only one of them fit into the “Gospel According to Scoot” theme.  That doesn’t […]

1971 – A Personal Memoir

It had been a traumatic summer, that first one out of high school.  I had spent the summer in Rome, Georgia, 1000 miles and light years away from my home in Oklahoma, trying stubbornly and courageously to convince people to buy something they didn’t even know existed, much less think they needed.  When a prospect […]

10 Beautiful Women…

I stood at the front of the Madeline Island Ferry, holding my hat in my hand lest the breeze blow it off into the waters of Lake Superior.  The Apostle Islands, so named because there are 12 of them lying within a few miles of the Wisconsin shoreline, passed slowly by, the closest one reminding […]