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Love is…

Love is a state of existence. It just is.  It is the “I AM” of God.  It is my “I AM”.  It is your “I AM”. Love is, or it is not. Love is eternal life.  Any state of existence other than love is death. (John 17:3) Love is knowing that every other sentient being […]

Journey to the Center of…

If you were to be sitting directly in front of Christ (or anyone, for that matter) and you looked directly and deeply in His eyes – what would you see? *********************************************** Come with me, please. I’d like to take a journey with you.  Well, not really with you.  Your journey will be your journey, and […]

Straight Into the Arms of Christ

You know how sometimes you have a dream where the feelings are so real that, even after you wake up, they linger?.  If it’s a bad dream, you hurt.  It can be very intense.  I had one of those dreams this week, and it…was…very…intense.  I have them regularly, though not frequently, and they hurt.  I […]