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Two Trees

Repentance is an essential component of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Doctrine of Christ is stated in various places in the Book of Mormon. The most pertinent to this discussion is as follows from 3 Nephi 11:37-40: And again I say unto you, ye must repent, and become as a little child, and be baptized in my […]

I Choose Not to Dispute

A call for prayer and fasting on the topic of the Guide and Standard was offered this past week – to fast and pray on Saturday, April 14. Well, I did fast and pray yesterday, but my efforts were directed in a different direction. That’s just the way it turned out. Nevertheless, I do have […]

Dichotomies True and False

We live in a world of dichotomies. They are all around us – light and dark, true and false, love and hate, good and evil. We perceive our relationship with these dichotomies as a battle, and indeed it is so. But our battle is not, as commonly perceived, between good and evil. No, our battle […]

The Unspoken Covenant

I share the following as a confirmation of something I’ve been advocating for a while now. We do ourselves an injustice when we think that our relationship, our experiences, our interactions with the Lord are supposed to fit a certain pattern or look and feel like those of anyone else. Joseph saw two figures standing […]