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Seeking Zion #1 – Thanksgiving, 2015

I spent Thanksgiving this week with a group of people who, a year ago, I had barely heard of – and that only through Facebook connections – and had not ever met. My friend, Brian Beckle, blessed the feast and in doing so compared our gathering with that of the pilgrims at the feast that […]

In the Master’s Hands

I learned something this morning that has been 18 years coming. (Well, more like 62 years, but more intensely for the last 18 years) For most of my journey with Christ, I have sought to approach Him by doing things, improving things about myself that were within my control. There was always more I could […]

Now, Go do the Work

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that he has sensed a shift in the spirit of the movement that calls itself “The Remnant”. Something was happening, he could feel it, but he wasn’t sure what was causing it or how it would be manifested. This shift is real. In this post, I hope […]