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Just a Minute, Lord – I’ve Just Got a Few Treasures to Pack

As I’ve mentioned in a couple of other posts recently, I just completed a 30 day “Super-Vegan” fast.  I mention this only for context, because I absolutely KNOW that I wouldn’t have learned as much as I learned during those 30 days if I hadn’t been “fasting” in this manner.  One among many significant things […]

Sincere Reflections on The Word of Wisdom

So much has been written about Section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants, commonly known as the “Word of Wisdom”, that one might well have to be either a prophet or a fool to risk writing any more, yet I actually hope to share a point of view that is just unique enough to help […]

Conversation with God #4 – A Temple Pure and White

The following conversation is actually a fusion of multiple prayers and revelations over the space of 2-3 days.  I share it not to bring attention to myself, but because of the message of hope it gives to all of God’s children – a message not only of hope, but of His love and forgiveness, which […]

Revelation – Knowing the Mind of God

On a United Airlines flight from Queretaro, Mexico to Houston, I sat quietly, as I often do, with my eyes closed, talking to God.  Sometimes He talks back, sometimes he doesn’t.  (Sometimes I fall asleep, this time I didn’t).  I’ve been learning to tell when He will talk back, and when He’s not going to. […]

Judgment without Charity – Poison for the Soul

I have observed on Facebook and through other interactions, both personal and virtual, that there is an explosion of open criticism of the LDS church and its leaders among disaffecting, disaffected and even faithful members.  This is a phenomenon whose scale, if not its nature, is unprecedented in the history of the church.  There have […]