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Seeking after Mysteries or “Keeping Up With the Joneses”

I repent.  I have sinned.  I have become “caught up” in an LDS (Latter Day Saints) phenomenon that has taken root among faithful and adventurous members who are seeking greater understanding of the mysteries of the kingdom. For many of these, traditional boundaries no longer exist.  Truth is the treasure they seek, wherever they might find […]

Diana – A Valentine’s Day Tale

She was born on a backroad Near the coast of Californ’ She grew up in a 32 van Livin’ on the road with no place to call her own ‘Cause her daddy was a singer in a band She courted a young man He asked her to marry He promised what she’d never known before […]

Marriage “Secrets”

Diana and I spent a weekend recently with our 8-year-old granddaughter.  Her parents are recently divorced, and this was the first time we had really had any alone time with her.  She has 5 siblings, so “alone time” is rare under any circumstances.  This is a delightful child – so full of energy and optimism […]

Pirates, Bombs, and Longing for Zion

I have seen a couple of movies lately that really made me ponder.  This is not intended at all to be a movie review, although I thought both movies were very good.  Instead, I want to use bits of these movies to illustrate some thoughts that I have been having lately. Captain Phillips The first […]

Queretaro Diary #2 – Rejoicing in Faith

I’ve written previously about an experience I had in the Mexican city of Queretaro.  It’s starting to seem like every time I go there, I have some kind of experience that increases my understanding of myself, my Lord, and His gospel, ergo – Queretaro Diary.  On my last visit, we were downtown again, and we […]