Conversations with God #10 – Ridin’ the Bus

Lord, why are we on a school bus?

I don’t know – you chose this place.

It’s funny – I’m sitting here in my denim and plaid flannel, and you’re in your white robe.  But you look really relaxed – leaning against the window, your feet stretched out on the seat.

Why wouldn’t I be relaxed?  I’m always relaxed with you.

So, where are we going with this this morning?

Where do you want to go?

Well, I would like to learn more about how we can be separate and one at the same time.  I mean – here we are, you’re on that seat, and I’m on this seat, and we’re looking across the aisle at each other.  Yet, I keep hearing others talk about how I’m supposed to look inside myself to find you – that you exist inside me, and if I’m ever to really experience you, which means your love, I have to look inside.

Yeah, that’s a good one.  But then, I promised you yesterday that we would explore that further, so let’s go.  So try it – just rid your mind of all thoughts.  Zero in on just you, with no distractions, no fears, no concerns.  When you do that, what do you find?

Pause as I try to do this – and I’m actually much more successful than ever before, except I now realize that I do this a lot – just in flashes.

I find peace.  When I really go deep inside, I find peace.  I’m good with me.

That’s right – peace.  That’s who you are.  That’s the real you, the true you, the eternal you.  And guess what, that’s me, too.  And that’s every person you meet.  That is the core of your intelligence that came from the Father, the core that is the seed of your existence.  We are all the same.  We all came from the same seed – the essence of divinity.  So when you look deep inside you, what do you find?  You find yourself, but you also find me, because at that level of perception, we are all the same.  So, to find me, you have to seek yourself, and to find yourself, you have to seek after me.  Because…wait for it…we are all one.

Now, we’re all surrounded by the ego thing.  The ego is what enables us to interact with our mortal existence.  Without it, you might say we wouldn’t exist – at least not in the mortal world.  This ego is a real mess of fear and avoidance, jealousy, of course, perception, knowledge, ignorance, desire for power (born of fear)…it is all the complexity of the human psychology.  And it’s really hard for people to see through that “veil”, if you will, and get to the real you.

So, I just need to practice accessing the real me – that place, that existence, that is peace, that is the essence of divinity.

That’s right, and you’re well on your way.  The more you hang out with the real you, and consequently with me, and the “real you” of others, the more your whole existence takes on the characteristics of that real you, the peace, the harmony, the love, the divinity that is, ultimately, the measure of your creation.  The more you learn to see the real you in yourself, the easier it is to see the real you in others – the easier it is to see their divinity, or, the Christ, in others.  Once you learn to interact with the Christ in yourself, and in others, the easier it is to love them, because in that place, in that perfect essence, you are all the same – we are all the same.

The ego doesn’t go away just because you learn to see through it – you still need it to interact with this mortal existence, but you learn to recognize for what it is – a tool to enable you to manifest the real you – but it’s not you.  And learning to know the real you heavily impacts how you utilize this tool

We are all separate in that we each have the power of determination, the power to choose, to know ourselves, but when we exercise that power fully, seeking truth and knowledge, seeking to become love, we discover, ironically, that we are all the same, even as we’re separate.  In this way, the idea of separation is ultimately an illusion.  It’s like a crescent wrench in the hand of a mechanic – it’s a tool that the mechanic uses, but it is certainly not the mechanic.  And all the mechanics in the shop may be using different tools at the same time, working on different cars, but they’re all in the same shop.

But, Lord – I want to think of you as this superior being, someone I can look to for protection, for judgment (more of others than of myself, of course), for ultimate justice, for acceptance – acceptance by someone other than me, thus “validation”.  I want a king.  I want a savior. There’s comfort in all of that.  It’s easier, and it’s what I’ve been taught all my life.  The desire for that comfort is what caused me to start praying in the first place.  When I promised that I would “seek to know you”, I was wanting to know my King, my Lord, my Savior.  Now, it seems that’s all gone.

No, my son, it’s not all gone.  As long as you, or anyone else, needs me to be those things, I will be those things for them, but that’s their perception.  It doesn’t change who I am, only how I serve those who seek to love me.  That is an illusion, too.  It’s all based in ego and separation.   It’s necessary as long as our interaction is through the veil.  The whole passion was necessary for this.  But when the veil is rent, and you learn to know the real me, you will find that true essence of divinity, and you will find not only me, but you, and all humanity.  You will find our oneness.

Come unto me, my son.  Know me.  We have so much more to talk about.


All that Matters

This being that I talk to; commune with every morning…this Christ – it’s so hard sometimes to get past all the things that are rattling around in my mind, things that are happening in my life; challenges, fears, joys.  I’ve learned to consider it like an update, a “This is what’s going on with me; this is who I am today” and I don’t sweat it.  I just keep at it, and eventually, it’s just us.  Not me and Him, it’s just us.  I don’t have to force it, I just need to let it happen.  Sometimes it’s only 10 minutes, sometimes it’s 30 minutes, but it almost always happens, and when it does…I have peace.  This corporeal body wants to express it with a big bear hug, or walking side by side, or maybe sitting on His lap ( I know – like a 200+ lb, 65-year-old, fat, ugly kid – but I’m not like that when this happens – I’m just, well, I’m just part of us).  I want to just take that being into me, absorbing Him into my very being, becoming as He is – as we all are.  It’s at this time that I can feel His smile in my heart; I can feel His goodness, His perfection, His love; and it’s at this time, for just a bit…every day almost without fail…that I know He’s my friend.  I know it’s all good.  Calling and Election?  Second Comforter?  Third Comforter?  Redemption?  Salvation?  They’re only words.  This – this – is real.  Label it what you want – none of it matters.  All that matters is that there actually is this being who has become love, and in doing so has transcended all the limitations of mortal existence, and who can somehow commune with me while being bombarded by millions of other petitions, of all kinds and flavors, from all states of being, at the same time.  There actually is this being who has magic in His hand – magic to cause the blind to see, to heal the lame and the leper; magic to transform this fearful, jealous heart into a heart filled with joy, and confidence, and peace.  And He knows me.  And we’re friends.  And that’s all that matters.


Conversations with God #9 – To Seek to Know Me

My son, you asked me, “Why must I seek to know you?  Why can I not just know you?”

You must seek to know me for the same reason you must seek to know anyone else.  Your ego has set up a protective shield around you, as has everyone else’s ego.  You (your ego) only expose yourself to those things that don’t cause pain (threaten destruction – of the ego or body), so you tend to keep your interactions with others shallow.  This protection, of course, is driven by fear; fear of pain (physical or emotional), or of cognitive dissonance (intellectual or spiritual – reality challenging your unbelief), or fear of exposure of the ego as the illusion that it is.

To know others, you must reject this fear, so that the ego no longer stands between you and others, but so must they.  When this happens, you may have an eternal marriage, or you may have Zion, because you now have all things in common, and are of one heart and one mind.  Once this happens, of course, and you are able to recognize the Christ within each person, you begin to recognize your oneness.  Your task, and the key to your ascension, is to overcome jealousy and fear, which are manifestations and survival tools of the ego, to the point that you invite others to share this experience of knowledge with you.  Of course, almost all will reject your invitation, but you must keep it open.  Any who do not reject your invitation will be with you in Zion, and will share the Kingdom of Heaven.

To know me is actually much easier, because you only have to get past your own ego.  This includes overcoming your unbelief.  When I told Joseph that if those with him would…“strip themselves of jealousies and fears”, they would…“see my face and know that I am”, that’s what I meant.  They needed, and you need, to overcome your own ego so that you can know me.  With me, however, the only thing there is to fear is overcoming the ego.  I have no guile; I have only honesty.  I seek no power, only influence.  I offer no fear, only joy.  I do not carry the seeds of death, only life…only love.  There is nothing in me to fear, even though the world’s unbelief ascribes fear of judgment and punishment – that is not me, and it need not be part of our relationship.

Furthermore, you cannot know me with your eyes, for I am not my body, just as you are not your body.  You can only know me with your “spiritual eyes” – eyes that can see all of me.  Then you will see my face.  Then you will know me.  Then, and only then, will you be able to know yourself.

Come unto me, my son, and know me.


Being Loved by Jesus

Love is encouraging the fulfillment of all righteous desires – mine or yours. A righteous desire is a desire that is not motivated by fear. – Scott Stover



I wrote recently about “Loving Jesus”.  This morning I realized, “Duh!  Relationships must go two ways!”  So, how about “Being Loved by Jesus”?

How does Jesus love us – today?  Yes, I know – the scriptures describe the ways in which He has loved us in the past (although time is appointed only unto man), but how does He love us today?  Right now.  He showed how He loved all mankind through His creation, His earthly ministry, the passion, His attaining to the resurrection, teaching through prophets and through personal revelation, and myriad other ways..  But how does he love you and me…right now?

I think the key is in the above quote.  I think Christ, today, loves us by encouraging the fulfillment of all righteous desires, which are desires that are not motivated by fear.

Please forgive me for quoting myself.  I know it might come across as presumptuous or even pompous, but that’s not the case, nor is it the point.  What’s happening is that, as I learn things, they keep getting reinforced.  This idea about encouraging righteous desires came to me through my personal pondering, and I wrote it down, but it keeps getting reinforced.  The ideas I’ve mentioned in previous posts, about living in comparison, the 4 C’s (comparison, competition, contention, and control) – those principles also keep getting reinforced, too, and the understanding keeps growing more and more complete as it all falls into place.  I’m trying to portray this process as it develops – and I can’t do that without referencing these past writings.

So – Christ loves us today by encouraging, even enabling, the fulfillment of our righteous desires.

Now, Christ is a powerful dude!  He exists independent of time and space.  He has the ability to control the elements.  He has knowledge of all things from the beginning.  And He can bring all that power to bear in loving us!  But the best way, the only way, really, in which He can love us is by encouraging, even enabling, our righteous desires.

Now, the second part of the opening statement.

Love is encouraging the fulfillment of all righteous desires – mine or yours. A righteous desire is a desire that is not motivated by fear.

Righteous desires are desires that are not born of fear.  That means, they are desires that are born of love, because love is indeed the opposite of fear.  Fear breeds guilt, and judgment, and jealousy, and a whole bunch of other undesirable things – things that are commonly associated with “THE FALL”.  (Cue dramatic, ominous, scary music).

In another recent post, Conversations with God #8, I shared how I had learned that God’s nature, and our nature, is defined by His, and our, desires.  So, if Christ is loving us by encouraging our righteous desires, He is encouraging us to become our most righteous, most loving, most redeemed (as in from the fall – from fear, guilt, judgment, jealousy) selves.

To encourage the fulfillment of any other desires – desires resulting from an existence defined by comparison – would not be loving us.

When we focus on a gospel of sin, of judgment, of punishment…of fear – that is not love.  That is not of Christ.  Christ cannot desire these things, or He would be these things.  And we cannot be one with Him unless we jettison these things.

And again, verily I say unto you that it is your privilege, and a promise I give unto you that have been ordained unto the ministry, that inasmuch as you strip yourselves from jealousies and fears, and humble yourselves before me, for you are not sufficiently humble, the veil shall be rent and you shall see me and know that I Am, not with the carnal, neither natural mind, but with the spiritual. T&C 56:3

This passage has, over the years, become a cornerstone of my understanding of the truth of the gospel, and the nature of Christ.  It keeps coming back – as a cornerstone.  The Lord told us these things through Joseph Smith.  He said, in effect, “If you would be with me, if you would know me, then stop living by comparison; stop living in a seething cauldron of guilt, and fear, and judgment, and jealousy.  If you can do this, you will be able to know me, to see me with your spirit – which is the only way you can really know me anyway.  If you cannot do this, we can never be one, and we will always be separated from each other.  Oh, and by the way – this is a promise.  This is truth.  This is an eternal principle.  I will love you by encouraging and enabling you in this pursuit.”

The scriptures teach us so much.  But they must necessarily be a means to an end.  The scriptures do not love.  The scriptures do not create.  The scriptures point the way, and they point the way to Christ – not to our hazy, fallen image of Him but of His true nature.  The more I learn of Christ, the more I’m convinced that we interpret the scriptures through a lens clouded by the fall – by comparison, and guilt, and judgment, and jealousy, and fear.  The truth – the truth that they ultimately teach is the ultimate beauty – the ultimate love.

I pray that we can learn to love Christ for who He is, and that we can learn to recognize the way in which He loves us.  I pray that we can love Him by encouraging and enabling Him to fulfill His righteous desires; by being partners in bringing about His purpose – His work and His glory – which we can only do by loving Him and our neighbor.  I pray, furthermore, that we can learn to first identify, and then seek the fulfillment of, our own righteous desires; desires that are free of fear; and ask Him fervently to bring all His power to bear in enabling us to fulfill those desires.  In this way, we in turn further enable Him to fulfill His greatest desire, which is love us!  In this way, we heal the separation of the fall, bring about the redemption of all, and become one with Him and with each other.  It is in this way that we will usher in Zion, even the Kingdom of God, for what is the Kingdom of God if not a kingdom free from fear, and filled with love for all creation.


Loving Jesus

 “Love is trust, complete, thoughtless, instinctive, self-defining trust.  Love is the biblical “charity” – the pure love of Christ.  Love is light.” – Scott Stover


I discovered this morning that, when I pray, I am using Christ.  I go to Him for comfort – to tell me that I’m ok. I go to Him seeking judgment.  Why?  Because I’m unsure of myself.  Am I measuring up?  Am I worthy?  Am I on the road to salvation – which only He can give?

I asked myself, “Is this really the basis of my relationship with Christ – Him as the judge?  Furthermore, is this what my relationship with Him should be?  If I love Him, truly love Him, is it only because of what He has done for me?  Or is it only because of what He has promised to do for me?”

I saw a little selfie video this morning of my wife and daughter with bears’ ears and noses painted on their faces, and their voices were artificially high pitched.  I guess it’s called “Shapchat”, and it was just…cute.  I realized (again) at that time that I love my wife solely for who she is.  Guileless, forgiving, trusting and trustworthy, smart, funny, and so innocent and child-like that, even at 67 years old, she can still joyously make silly videos with her daughter and post them on facebook.  I don’t love her just for what she has done, or for what she can do, for me.  I love her because I recognize the perfect beauty in who she is.

Yet, when I profess to love Jesus, the Christ, do I love Him for who He IS, or do I love Him for the power He supposedly holds over me?  Do I love Him because He is infinitely knowledgeable, guileless, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, empathetic, kind, funny, honest, and trustworthy ( in other words, loving), or do I love Him because of what I think He can do for me, for what I think He must do for me if I am to avoid eternal damnation?  Is my love for Him conditional or unconditional?

When I pray to Him, do I approach Him with an “I’m not worthy, less than the dust of the earth, please redeem me” type attitude, or do I approach Him because of who He is, and because I just want to know Him, without any expectation of reward?  What would He prefer?

Comparison (the source of all “I’m not worthy” thoughts) against some standard, whether that standard be Christ, or other people, or a standard of behavior (commandments) always perpetuates separation.  If we compare ourselves to the western, Grego-Roman, “Christian” image of Christ, we conclude that we are unequal.  If we compare ourselves to other people, all such comparisons yield inequality – we are either better or worse than they are.  If we compare ourselves to some standard, we either exceed or fall short, but this also implies comparison to others, or if the standard is Christ, then it implies comparison to Him.  This is NOT love.  As long as we live and think, even love, based on comparison, we can never be one with Christ or with each other.

I want to learn to approach Christ without all this baggage.  I want to learn to believe Him.  I want to learn to know Him, and to love Him for who He is, not for what He can or must do for me.  I don’t want to carry guilt with me as I approach Him every day.  I don’t think I need to.  He knows me.  He knows my desires, my thoughts, my actions, my fears.  Why do I need to bring that imperfection into my relationship with Him?  Do I think He holds those things over my head?  Honestly, I don’t think He does.  I think He loves me for who I am, as well as for who I desire to become (which is, of course, part of who I am).  I truly believe that learning to love like this, not only in our relationship with Christ, but with all creation, is somehow the key to eternal life; to divinity; to salvation, redemption, sanctification – to all these words that we seem to perceive that we are perpetually striving for and falling short of.  I truly believe these things are all within us.  The denial of these things is a tool of the ego – the natural man – to keep us from truly knowing and loving Christ and each other; from becoming one with Him and each other, because once we truly love Christ, and are one with Him, the ego no longer controls us.  The natural man becomes an enemy with no power.  Once we truly love Christ, and are one with Him, without all the baggage that results from living in a world of comparison, with its guilt, sorrow, fear – a world of our own making – then we can know the joy of existence that is our true inheritance – our immediate inheritance.

Teaching us this; showing us this; is the purpose of Jesus in becoming the Christ.  Will we believe Him?  This is the bitter cup that He drank from.  This was (is – the job is not yet finished) the will of the Father.  It’s all there in the scriptures, but it’s all in metaphor.  Christ overcame death because He overcame the ego – the natural man, the fallen man.  He overcame the separation that resulted from the fall.  And He showed us that it can be done.  In this way, he is “the way”.  In this way, He is the light and the life of the world.  I want to know Him, but I don’t want to “use” Him.  I want to love Him unconditionally, just as He loves me unconditionally.  And I want to learn to love all men unconditionally, just as He does.  He invites us all to do this.


Conversations with God #8 – Of Eternal Life

“Lord, I promised I would seek to know you.  I’ve tried really hard to keep that promise.  I’ve learned that I can’t really know you if that knowledge is filtered through the vision or knowledge of others, so I am seeking to come directly to you.  So, Lord, please tell me…who are you…REALLY??!!”

The response was immediate and clear:

“I am all goodness.  I am love.  I am life.  I am light.  I am knowledge.  I am creation.  I am eternal because these things are eternal.   And I am these things because I desire to be these things.  I came to know the difference between life and death, between eternity and time, and I desired life and love.  I became these things because I desired them.”

“This is creation – to become your desires.  Creation of the eternal is to become the desire for things that are eternal.  As you know, something is eternal only if, when you give it away, you still have it.  Its abundance is not diminished, but multiplied; thus creation.  These things are eternal.  These things are life.  All else eventually has an end.  All else is death.  The Father created His desires.  The “Word” is the desire of the Father.  Creation is the manifestation of those desires.  He is a manifestation of His desires just as we all, ultimately, become a manifestation of our desires.  If we desire life…that which is eternal…we will become that.  We will have eternal life.  If we desire death, we will become death.  Our eternal journey is that we might learn, as I did, to distinguish between the things of life and the things of death, and to desire life; then to become a manifestation of our desires.”

“You are learning to desire life.  You are learning to distinguish between life and death, and you are choosing life.  Thus, you will one day become as I am.  You will one day become as the Father is…a manifestation of your desires…the desire for life.  Your journey is to become that manifestation of your desires.  This is divinity, that you understand the difference between life and death; that you desire life; and that you become a manifestation of those desires.  This is to become one.  Your path is set.  You are mine, as I am the Father’s; and we are one in our desire for life.”

“Lord”, I thought, “what about Diana”?

“Oh, my son.  What joy fills my heart!  I have just told you that your path to eternal life is assured, and your first thought is of your wife.  Yes, she is on the same path.  Now – can you have the same love for all your other brothers and sisters?  If you desire this, it will be.”

“Thank you, Lord.  You know this is my desire.  I am indeed selfish in so many ways.  I have much to overcome, I know, but I see clearly now that I must continue to refine and cling to my understanding of the difference between the things of life and the things of death, and that I must continue to nurture my desire for life.  I believe you, Lord, and I readily take these things into my heart.  I eagerly repent of my desires for things that have an end; that I may more fully seek to become a manifestation of those things that are eternal.  I trust that these things you have taught me are true.”


Talkin’ ’bout Love

 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment.

He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18

Lord, nothing that is in me, or of me, is hidden from you. I promised long ago that I would seek to know you. I now realize that the true goal is to become one with you, which is the ultimate manifestation of knowing you. I have a consuming desire to know you. If I am to truly know you, and be one with you, then should anything be hidden from me?

My son, you already know me. There is nothing in me that is hidden from you. The attributes that you seek after, that you yearn for, that you recognize as me…you could not recognize them at all if they were not part of you; if they were not already in you. So, the process of knowing me is simply a process of awakening; and it is the process of knowing yourself.


I (we) talk a lot about love. Love is the force of creation. Love is charity. Paul and Mormon defined charity (love) in similar words. I don’t know about you, but the pure love of Christ has always seemed kind of out of reach. I’ve pondered and prayed, and self-corrected (repented) constantly, but it always seems beyond my reach. Plus, as much as I “preach” about love, you’d think that I should at least understand what it is that I’m preaching about. Well, below is the result of my pondering, and praying, and studying, and pondering, and praying, and repenting…at least so far.

What is love?

  • Love is trust, complete, thoughtless, instinctive, self-defining trust.

  • Love is the biblical “charity” – the pure love of Christ.

  • Love is light.

    • Light, physically, or at least as I understand it, is vibration – wave lengths of vibration – tiny particles of matter moving in chaos cleverly disguised as harmony. Light is life, because life is vibration, movement. It is energy absorbing as well as energy emitting vibration. Without light, there would be no creation. Light sustains and light defines creation. Love is light, so love is all these things, too.

    • Darkness is not so much the absence of light as it is the rejection of light. In darkness, there is no vibration, no light, no life. Darkness grows when light is rejected. Darkness is the ultimate selfishness. It absorbs light (life) rather than reflecting, or perpetuating it. Darkness does so out of fear – fear that it won’t have enough life. Matter, without vibration, without light, stops vibrating. It dies. Darkness is death.

    • How ironic that life is sustained by giving it away, and life begins to die as soon as it is hoarded.

  • Love is truth. Thus, love is knowledge, but it is also understanding. Truth without understanding is meaningless. Truth, with understanding, and then applied, is wisdom. Love is wisdom.

  • Love draws out faith and trust. Again, Love is life. It is that which sustains, and without it, death rules. Love is reaching out, craving goodness and righteousness, craving life. Life is glorious and eternal, and love craves all that is glorious and joyful, and because love is life, love is eternal. Love knows not death.

  • Love is that which, when given, the giver still retains it. Love is not lessened when given, but it is multiplied. If, in giving something, I no longer have it, that thing had no eternal value anyway. It was not love.

  • Love is God. God is Love. This is not just a platitude or proverb of some sort. This is reality. This is the nature of God, and as we continue through the discussion below, we are actually defining the nature of God.

    • This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5

Love is not…

  • Love is not control or possession. Such things actually inhibit vibration / light / creation. This, in turn, is death.

  • Love is not judgment or ridicule or criticism. No, love is NOT judgment or ridicule or criticism. Not ever.

  • Love is not comparison. There is no oneness in comparison, only separation.

  • Love is not “ingratitude”.

  • Love is not jealousy. Jealousy comes from a combination of comparison, judgment, and ingratitude.

  • Love is not blame, or finger pointing (read “judgment”), or deflection. These, too, lead to separation.

  • Love is not punishment, or vindictiveness, or revenge, no matter how justified one might think it is. Love never seeks to hurt another.

  • Love is not sacrifice. Sacrifice implies that I surrendered or destroyed something that I loved. Love cannot be destroyed or given up.

  • Love is not force – of any kind. Not physical, not emotional, not intellectual, not financial.

  • Love is not having “Shake my head” moments.

  • Love is not separation. Separation is the result of all these things that love is not.

  • Love is NOT fear. Love is indeed the opposite of fear. Fear is the rejection of light, of love. Fear is darkness, just as love is light. Fear stops vibration. Since vibration is life, fear, then, is death. Fear is the root cause for all of these other things that love is not.

  • Since there is no death in love, love is eternal life.

How is love manifest?

  • Love encourages. Love, when manifest, lifts. It encourages everyone to reach their best. It seeks to dispel fear, and promote trust, comfort, kindness, peace. Love creates an environment, through relationships, where people are encouraged and feel free to discover their higher selves. Love is like the sunlight, under whose rays each flower, even the lily of the field, is invited, enticed to open from its slumber to reveal its own glory.

  • Love is encouraging the fulfillment of all righteous desires – mine or yours. A righteous desire is a desire that is not motivated by fear.

    • Carnal desires that are not motivated by fear are righteous desires.

  • Love seeks oneness. What is oneness, you might ask? How is this “oneness” manifest? If I interact with a focus on encouraging others to 1) identify their righteous desires and 2) fulfill them, including my own, then we have a oneness that preserves uniqueness and individuality without separation.

    • If someone else’s righteous desires are equal to mine, then we are one. And, if my righteous desire is to seek the fulfillment of everyone’s righteous desires, including my own, then our righteous desires are the same. Again, righteous desires are desires that are motivated not by fear, thus they are motivated by love – love being the antithesis of fear. A desire to make music is a righteous desire. A desire to make music that pokes fun, or mocks, or expresses anger may not be so righteous. Yet I cannot dictate to others what is a righteous desire. I can only encourage them to seek that out for themselves – to learn to distinguish between righteous desires, and desires that are motivated by fear or which interfere with the righteous desires of others.

  • Love rejects jealousy. There is no place for jealousy in a loving heart. None. Zero. Zip. Got jealousy? Then something is seriously wrong.
  • Love does not dislike others, because it recognizes the complexity and the ultimate divine potential in each individual, in each shining (giving off light), living point of God’s creation.
  • Love is patient. This is not just the opposite of impatient, but it is patience driven by perspective.
  • Love forgives. Better yet, love chooses not to be offended in the first place, because love is patient and love has perspective and because…
  • Love looks for the Christ in everyone.
  • Love never, ever, seeks to elevate oneself at the expense of others.
  • Love is word. Word is not only spoken, but done, so word is also deed. Love not done means nothing. All the knowledge, understanding, or wisdom, even that of God, means nothing if it is not shared – even if it is not used to promote the fulfillment of all righteous desires.
  • Love is joy! Love manifests itself as joy. When joy becomes a habit, or a state of existence, we have “become love”.

Love is the nature of Christ. Christ’s nature is love. There is no darkness in Him. I trust Him. When I commune with Him, which I do daily, with varying degrees of intimacy and interaction, I recognize in Him the virtues and attributes that inspire complete faith and trust. He would never manipulate me, or seek to control me, or deceive me, or judge, ridicule, or become impatient. It’s just not in His nature. To repeat from above, if I didn’t have these same virtues and attributes within myself, I could never recognize them in Him. All of the “Love is not” points above…my indulgence in, or failure to fully reject these things, is the reason that all of these Christ-like virtues, which the definition of love, are not fully, perfectly manifest in me, or in my interactions with others. Remember, only through our interactions does any virtue or attribute become real, or manifest. My failure to fully implement this is the reason I have not yet “become love”.

Largely, I think, Christ’s virtues and attributes are manifest through us, as we receive His light, or eternal life, and pass it on, through our word (spoken and acted), because few are those who seek them directly from the source. At some point, when someone is ready, we, in an act of love, must point to the source of the light. At some further point, though, once we have rejected all darkness and are one with Him, we will begin to share our own light. This is the fullest way in which we can glorify Him. This is the ultimate in creation.

Finally, the lyrics from a song I wrote, called “Prayer”. In its way, it is a lyrical summary of all the above:

Shine on Me

Shine on Me

Love is life, and it binds us all together.

Won’t you shine on me


Swing me like a child

Swing me like a child

Round and Round, til we’re dizzy in our joyfulness

Won’t you swing me like a child


Sing your song

Sing your song

Shout for joy, and release the light within you

Won’t you sing your song


Shine on me

Shine on me

Love is life, and it binds us all together

Won’t you shine on me

Won’t you shine on me

Won’t you shine…Lord, won’t you shine

On me

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