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Nephi’s Zion – “Very Real Hands and Very Real Hearts”

In the book of Second Nephi, in chapters 26-33, Nephi has left us a stunning prophecy – oft quoted, oft twisted and, in my opinion, far too often ignored by the saints to whom he was speaking, but who think it refers to everyone but them.  While I’ve read it many times, my most recent […]

In the Name of Jesus Christ – Christmas Day, 2014

My name for the purpose of this blog is “Scoot”.  It is the label by which people might easily refer to the things I write, and to their author.  “Scoot” is much easier to use than “you know…that guy who writes eclectic essays resulting from his personal round-about journey back to the savior”.  Yep – […]

D&C Section 93 – the Path to Truth, Light, Knowledge and Glory

 It was about 3 months ago that I read D&C 93 for the umpteenth time.  You know, this is the section of the Doctrine and Covenants that says: Man was also in the beginning with God.  Intelligence, or the light of truth, was not created or made, neither indeed can be. All truth is independent […]