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Conversations with God # 18 – A Warm Hug

I offer the following as a revelation. Nothing about it is binding in any way. It is offered, with pretense, by invitation only. As with much revelation, it represents an outpouring, a condensation within a brief time, of much teaching and learning and processing over days, months, years, perhaps even lifetimes. It is absolutely filtered through my mind, and I make no claim otherwise. The only purity is in its message. For me, the message is from Jesus – a warm hug from beyond the veil. It is not a substitute for your own message from Jesus. Nothing can replace that.


You are surrounded by vehicles of fear. So much “Lo here! Lo there! We have the truth!” The chaos of lies. Embrace it. Embrace it all. It’s ok. Embrace it that you might understand, but it is not you. Do not make it part of you. This is all truth in that it exists in the minds of the people of the world, transmitted by media. It is real, and it just is, and it’s ok. But it is not you.

The underlying truth, the eternal reality, is goodness. You have begun to comprehend this goodness, but only barely. This truth, this goodness, this love is greater than you can even imagine at this time in your existence. It is the source of everything. You rightly call it love. Many have known this, but few are able to overcome their own fear – fear of death, fear of pain, fear of failure, fear of not knowing – enough to truly believe. It is this belief that I refer to when I say, “believe in me”. It is this truth that is the good news of the gospel. This goodness, this love, is the only eternal reality. All else actually is vanity – created by the mind in order to sustain the individual ego – the natural man, which can only survive when validated by fear of its own creation. This reality is fleeting and has no power to either sustain or to destroy.

I taught of this truth during my time on Earth. “Consider the Lilies”. “My peace I give unto you…” “Fear not, for I have overcome the world”. So many have twisted my words to focus on me! But it is not about me, it is about the truth; it is about the eternal message.. It is this truth that shall set all men free. It is this truth that is the nature of the Father, of God. It is this knowledge that is the knowledge unto salvation…salvation from fear, salvation from contention, salvation from this false man-made image of reality, of me, of the Father.

Oh, Scott, I yearn for your sprouting comprehension of this truth to flower! You are on the cusp of that comprehension. Untold joy awaits you just beyond your reach, but you know! Deep inside, you know! And you long to share as I did. Not to glorify either me or yourself, but you long to share the hope, the peace, the fulfillment that comes with this knowledge, that others may find it for themselves. This was my hope, also, when I walked the earth. As you learn to plow through the layers of illusion, of ego, of the natural man – as you learn to reject thoughts of fear, of jealousy, of comparison, of control, and recognize all around you in the pure beauty of its perfect creation, you will release this knowledge that lies within and all around. I’m so excited for you!

So, my son, I have told you things before, and you have not forgotten them, but I repeat them now – as they will have even greater meaning as your context changes, and as your perspective grows. Therefore I repeat:

Trust me. Relax.

I am the purity that you seek.

To which I add…

Believe this! I love you!


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