Secret Combinations

Gun Ownership and the American Psyche

I have a few things to say about the debate over gun control. I probably won’t add much to the conversation, but I am moved to speak because of a conversation I had with a friend that we met while we were on our mission in Paris.  My friend has a completely different outlook on […]

I Will Buy Up Armies and Navies…….

I’ve written on the topic of war before, but I’ve never felt like this before. My rebellion was triggered by a simple program at our ward Christmas party, which reprised the 2001 Walter Cronkite presentation with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir of the famous Christmas truce that occurred in 1914 during World War I. I’ve heard […]

Secret Combinations for Dummies

I was recently asked to speak at a dinner meeting for Mormon Chronicle. At about the same time, I was asked by a reader what was the basis for my belief in secret combinations and their role in world affairs today. This friend was looking for specific documented proof of organized, Satanic conspiracies, which I […]

When Mrs. Stover Gets to Washington

Are we slaves to the Nanny State? Is Socialism at our doorstep? I wrote this song about 16 years ago. It evolved from conversations with my mother and the realization that she had a lot of common sense about politics and society. The song is a fun ballad, a little tongue-in-cheek, but the message is […]

The Gospel of Liberty

The Gospel of Liberty

Recently, Connor Boyack posted an article on his blog in which he posed the question, “What is liberty?” You can read his post here: This article prompted me to begin asking myself a question that I had previously taken for granted: “What does “liberty” mean to me?” I must admit that I fumbled with the […]

As Current as the Morning Newspaper

It would likely be impossible to read all that has been written about the missions of Alma and the Sons of Mosiah as recorded in the Book of Mormon. A full 13 chapters of the Book of Alma are devoted to the Sons of Mosiah’s mission among the Lamanites. These chapters include the timeless stories […]

War, Politics and the Book of Mormon….A Letter to my Friend

My Dear Friend, You asked me a few weeks ago what kind of “crap” I had been reading that led me to the political beliefs that I had shared with you.  I was unprepared to say much specifically at that time.  However, after thinking about it more, I realized that I really need to share […]

The People of Ammoniah…..A Type for our Day

We’ve all read this story before. Alma the Younger, after surrendering the judgment seat in order to devote himself full time to the duties of High Priest, finds success in establishing churches among the people of Zarahemla, Gideon, and Melek. His teaching is seriously challenged, though, by the people of Ammoniah, who reject his ministry […]