Realizing Zion

Zion is all about relationships.

Relationships are all about love…

and faith.

Faith is the antidote to fear, and there can be no fear in love, so if I would love, then I must have faith.

Faith in what, you say?

Faith in the real power of love. Power to create. Power in eternal life. Power to transcend the impact of whatever force might be exerted upon us by nature, or by others,and remain our whole, true, spiritual selves.

Faith in peace and harmony. Faith that love, peace, and harmony are our default state of existence. And if we are not experiencing love, and peace, and harmony, then we have somehow separated ourselves from the god of creation.

Faith in unconditional love…love that simply is. This is the love of God, charity, the pure love of Christ. Love that is conditional in any way is less than perfect and is not eternal. We must have faith that we are not only capable of this unconditional love, but that this love is the defining characteristic of our true self, just as it is the defining characteristic of God. In other words, unconditional love is our I AM.

And just as this unconditional, perfect, eternal love is our defining characteristic, it is also the defining characteristic of our neighbor. And if we are not acting toward each other within the context of this unconditional, perfect, eternal love; or if our neighbor is not acting within the context of this love, then there is something wrong. We (us or our neighbor) have separated ourselves from God, and thus from each other, and we need to heal. Heal our hearts, heal our relationship…heal Zion.

Because Zion is all about relationships, and relationships are all about love…and faith.

If we are to create Zion in any form whatsoever – metaphorical, physical, metaphysical – we must have faith. We must trust…that this, this manifestation of Zion, is God’s will. And if we are allowing ourselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit – by the mind of God – it is our will also.

So, one of the prophecies concerning Zion is that Christ would dwell among them. What kind of society, what kind of complex of relationships must exist if Christ would dwell within it?

When Jesus walked the earth, His divine heart, His divine will, was subjected to…Zion? No, He was subjected to a massive complex of relationships built upon fear, judgment, guilt, control, hierarchy, and inequality – upon separation. And it killed Him – at least it killed His earthly body. Is it in any way reasonable to expect Him to willingly return to such a society – a society that continues to be steeped in…wait for it…fear, judgment, guilt, control, hierarchy, and inequality?

For thousands of years, people have yearned for this Zion. Countless revelations have been received and shared, and then recorded and revered as prophesy. Yet we still await. And we cling to our traditions. And we continue to think that thousands of years of thinking the same way, acting the same way, is somehow going to yield Zion.

Supposedly the city of Enoch experienced this Zion state of existence, and it was “taken”. It transcended the bonds of time and space and became extra-dimensional somehow.

So, what kind of relationships would need to exist in order for us to have a society in which Jesus the Christ would feel welcome, and to which this earlier Zion society would return in unity and oneness? What might we need to learn to believe, think, and act differently if we are to bring about a manifestation of this Zion state of existence.

Perhaps we would need to learn to recognize that the personas (egos) that we present to each other on a daily basis are actually not real, that they are born out of fear (a lack of faith in love – and in each other), and that they represent a need for healing.

Perhaps we would need to learn that each of us is unconditionally loved of God; that this love cannot be earned; that there is no worthiness test, and absolutely no worthiness hierarchy; even that each of us is perfect and sincere in our desire to be one…with God, creation, and each other, no matter what our egos might be screaming to the contrary.

Perhaps we would need to learn to scrap the idea that we are in any way victims…of God, of nature, of each other.  Rather, that harmony and peace in all things is indeed our default; and if that does not exist, then we are, once again, in need of healing, and to especially have the faith that this healing is possible. Offense, or attack of any sort is not of God, but the extension of such offense, as well as the receipt of such offense, is an illusion of the ego.

Perhaps we would need to learn to celebrate the innate goodness and perfection in all of God’s creation – in nature, in ourselves, and in each other, and focus on that goodness, rather than focusing constantly on what we need to improve, on what we are not, on how we compare to others, or even to God.

Perhaps we would need to learn that the past is past, and can not be changed; that the future is only speculation and is no more real than the past; and that only by cherishing the now can we become co-creators…co-creators of Zion…with God.

Perhaps we would need to learn to recognize that judgment, guilt, control, hierarchy, and inequality…separation… are all man-made principles, born of fear and meaningless in the eternities and to God; that only love has meaning, only love is eternal, only love is infinite.

I don’t know how Zion will manifest, but I believe it will. I believe it is at minimum a metaphor for the perfection of creation, very similar to the tree of life. I believe the spirit of Zion is worth pursuing regardless of how it manifests, because it is good, and because the very idea brings me joy and fulfillment. It makes me feel whole. Actually it helps me recognize that wholeness, that perfection, that is already in me…that already is my I AM, my eternal inheritance, endowed upon each of us as part of our creation.

But Zion will never happen if we continue to believe, think, and act in the same way we have for thousands of years. Zion represents an ascended state – one that, when fully realized – results in it being “taken”. Realizing Zion is a process. I say “realizing” because Zion already exists. It is the essence of divine creation. But in order for it to be realized, to be manifested, we must receive it, and that reception can only happen within the individual heart and mind as it submits itself to the will of God – which will is simply that we “love one another, as I have loved you, that ye also love one another”.

4 comments on “Realizing Zion

  1. Are we as members beyond reproach?

    “I beheld… a great and spacious building… (conference center) filled with people, both old and young, both male and female; and their manner of dress was exceedingly fine (sunday best); and they were in the ATTITUDE of mocking and pointing their fingers towards those who had come at and were partaking of the fruit (love of god).”

    What we do thinking we have the truth, yet seeing we are blind, hearing we are deaf. We are in the attitude of mocking the children of God simply cleaving to Christ partaking of God’s love, and this due to the false teaching that the church is the only way to God’s love.

    • JSmith, none of us are beyond reproach, as we both know. We do our best, don’t we?

      • We do our best, this is true. Having lived my entire life, devoutly LDS, thinking I was safe, to then realize the Book of Mormon was actually pointing to my pride – I now see the backwards thinking of the church and hope I can be one who embraces my brothers/sisters with love, rather than have an attitude of mockery because of my own mind traps of seeing and being blind, hearing and being deaf.

      • I have wondered in the past whether or not I should have stayed and tried to share light from the inside. Don’t even want to share any more thoughts on that for fear of influencing your own choices. They really need to stay purely yours, and not influenced by mine.

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