Chakras; Receiving God’s Unconditional Love or…”Let that River Flow”

God is love. Love is God.

Whatever box or graven image we might create for God; whatever name or visualization we might have given Him in our sincere attempts to comprehend Him, God is bigger than that. He is more kind, more compassionate, more patient, more full, complete, perfect…than that.

God’s love is unconditional.

It is the very definition of His “I AM”. I guess one could say, “God is unconditional”. There is no God that is not love. Love is His fullness, His completeness, His perfection. God’s love is not dished out based upon covenants, or conditions, or laws, or judgments. It simply is. Full, all encompassing, expansive…it is everywhere. It is light, it is creation, it is all things – in all things, of all things, through all things. You cannot escape God’s love, for it is everywhere. It is everything. Any covenants, conditions, laws, or judgments that men might take unto themselves do not meter God’s love, but only our reception of God’s love.

Yes, God’s love, God Himself, for that matter, is given freely, but what good is a gift that is given if it is not received? We must receive God’s love. Otherwise, we just become a roadblock to the ongoing act of creation. We become a dam, so to speak. God’s love, like light, must flow, it must move, it must vibrate. When light, or love, stops flowing, stops moving, stops vibrating, it is no longer light. It is darkness.

The idea of Chakras helps to illustrate this concept. I hope that, in my simplistic understanding of this concept, I can explain it in a way that is simple (and decidedly not comprehensive) yet clear – in order to make my point.

Chakras are energy centers within the body. Energy, or light, or love, flows through them, entering the mind/body/spirit complex at the feet, and flowing through the body, continuing its flow through to the head – connecting with Heaven, the Heavens, the Holy Spirit, the Source, whatever you wish to call it. This flow, if unimpeded, manifests, or completes our oneness with God. When the Chakras flow freely, we are in tune, in harmony with God, with the universe…with His will and divine plan. We are a conduit for the love and light of God. We cannot stop the love of God from entering our body (God’s love is unconditional), but we can stop its flow, and thus break up the harmony, the completeness, the oneness. By damning the flow, we create separation, for our connection is no longer complete, no longer moving. God has died within us.

As God’s love and light enters each Chakra, it can be blocked by our fear. Our fear is manifest in our thoughts, feelings, jealousies, or our controlling and self-indulgent desires. In other words, by our “sin”; sin being anything that is done without love, or anything that separates us from God. Love, or light, or energy that enters, but does not pass freely, ceases to flow, and becomes darkness. But really, this light only needs to get past the first three Chakras. Once it enters the 4th, it can flow freely based on our understanding, comprehension, and desires. Our fears stop the flow. Our righteous desires perpetuate it.

I find it illustrative to call these first three Chakras the “Chakras of sin” because they are the Chakras that can block love. They are the domain of the ego…the natural man. These “sin chakras” are:

  • Red, or Root Chakra. This is the Chakra associated with survival, including procreation and sex. When one is consumed with fear for their survival – what they will eat, or drink, or wear, where they will shelter – or when one is consumed with the unfulfilled desire for sex – we create a blockage in the red Chakra. Love and light cannot flow freely. Jesus addressed blockages in this Chakra in the Sermon on the Mount when He spoke of the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, and when He spoke of adultery.
  • Orange, or Sacral, Chakra – the chakra of personal relationships. When one carries enmity, or judgment, or contention, or the desire to control others in their interpersonal relationships, they create a blockage in this Chakra. The 4 C’s coined in previous posts (comparison, competition, contention, and control) are active in this chakra. Love and Light cannot flow further. God’s love is not fully received. Jesus spoke of this Chakra when He encouraged us to turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile, remove the beam from our own eye, do unto others, and reconcile with your neighbor before making offerings at the altar.
  • Yellow, or Solar Plexus Chakra – this Chakra has to do with social relationships and our place in society. When one sustains fear of society, or racism, or prejudices based on race, religion, creed, nationality, political persuasion, etc…not of individuals, but of groups of people, one creates a blockage in this chakra. When one is consumed with achievement, power, accomplishment, riches, etc., one create a blockage in this chakra. Love and Light can flow no further. Jesus clearly spoke of this in the parable of the good Samaritan, and when he told the young rich man to sell everything he had.

Exercising control, compulsion, or dominion over others, in any degree of unrighteousness, in any of these areas, is sin, and it always results in blockage, preventing the love of God from flowing, thus severing our connection with the Heavens, and perpetuating separation from God.

Learning to keep these three chakras clear, so that God’s love and light can flow freely into the green, or heart, or love chakra, is what it means to love oneself. I wrote of this particularly in my last post, “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself”. To love ourselves, and to maintain ourselves open to receiving God’s love is a mighty undertaking. It requires great faith, even knowledge. Jesus spoke of this when He said, metaphorically, that we must abandon our mother and father and follow Him. We must abandon “the world” if we are to follow Him on the strait and narrow way…if we are to love God, our neighbor, and ourselves.

Not loving ourselves, or failing to recognize the blockages in these “sin chakras”, is to live without love, and is damnation. Such is the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It is what is meant by “the natural man is an enemy to God” – simply because it stops the flow of God’s love, and thus God Himself, through us. In other words, God cannot live in us. We remain separated from God, because, rather than allowing His love and light to flow through us, we reject it, and we dwell in darkness. I am struck at this moment that this is the symbolism behind being baptized in “living water”; the living water representing the free flow of God’s love.

Loving ourselves, not with vanity, but with peace, is salvation. Jesus taught repeatedly of this strait and narrow way in which we maintain a path for God’s love and light to flow through us, creating a conduit that it might shine – the parabolic “city on the hill”. Again, He spoke in the Sermon on the Mount of not hiding our light under a bushel.

Briefly, the other 4 Chakras are:

  • Green, or heart, chakra – the love chakra; viewing all creation in the context of love.
  • Blue, or throat chakra – the chakra of sincere, honest, loving communication with God, with others, and with ourselves.
  • Indigo, or third eye chakra – the chakra of imagination – of creativity.
  • Violet, or crown chakra – the chakra of spirituality, or connection with God.

Once the love of God has reached the heart chakra, the flow is clear; it invites and follows our growth – the nurturing of the “peace that passeth understanding”. Each of the higher chakras represents a manifestation of love. Perhaps I should call them the “chakras of love”, in contrast to the “chakras of sin”.

A student of the chakras will most certainly detect errors and inaccuracies in these descriptions. That’s ok – because my purpose is only to illustrate that the conditions placed on God’s love are not placed there by God, but by us.

  • God’s love is given freely and unconditionally, but…
  • We must receive God’s love.
  • In order to receive God’s love, we must learn to love ourselves; to maintain a free, unblocked flow through the body/mind/spirit of our mortal existence
  • Living in sin, or failing to recognize the strait and narrow way for God’s love and light to flow through us, that we might in turn love our neighbor, is to our own damnation. This is not eternal damnation, or damnation imposed as a judgment or punishment, but it is a temporary condition of darkness, which we ourselves tolerate, until our dissatisfaction ripens (we ripen in sin?), and we begin to seek to learn to love ourselves. God’s love is constantly knocking at the door, but we must open the way. We must seek, ask, and knock.
  • Salvation is to learn to open the path for God’s love to flow, that we no longer dwell in darkness, but choose to fully connect with the Kingdom of Heaven, the key to which is within each of us.

Ah, the metaphors that are at play here! Be it the lilies of the field, turning the other cheek, the good Samaritan, the strait and narrow way, or the chakra system, they all speak of the unconditional love of God, given freely to all, and of the need for it to flow, undamned, through us – watering the desert of our mortal existence, that it might blossom like a rose. Furthermore, it is clear to me that our goal, our purpose – even the will of God – is to receive that love, and to become one with God and with each other by learning to be a hospitable home, a conduit, an active, fertile manifestation for God’s love – given freely, equally, without judgment…to all.

Now – an original song that ties it all together…Let That River Flow

2 comments on “Chakras; Receiving God’s Unconditional Love or…”Let that River Flow”

  1. Let That River Flow and your discussion of God as love is particularly refreshing now that we are largely isolated from most people.

    • I’m glad you still read my thoughts, Mark. I respect you a lot. We are even more isolated than most here in Boundary County, ID. There have yet to be any cases of COVID in the county. Blessings to you and Chris. Please tell her hello for us.

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