Love and Hate

Love just gets bigger when you give it away”

The song “Friends Forever” by Shiloh Rising

Shine on me. Shine on me.

Love is life, and it binds us all together…”

Love is a funny thing. When you express love, through your desires, thoughts, and/or actions, it grows within you. That love already exists within you. Heck, it IS you. But when you manifest it through those desires, thoughts, and actions, you give it wings. It takes on a life of its own. It grows, it shines, it lives. It IS life. Then, when received by the object of that love, it begins to grow in them – like a seed. Love is life, and when given and received, it is life eternal.

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent.- John 17:3 KJV

So, I try really hard not to put God in a box. The minute I think I “know Him”, I’ve created a graven image, an idol, and I have begun to worship that idol. And then, the minute I try to force that image on others, I’ve accomplished nothing but perpetuating my own idol worship. But I do think I can “know Him” through the love that I nurture in my heart, and I do think I can worship Him by giving that love to others, thus acting as a co-creator of life – even life eternal.

This giving, this co-creating, of eternal life, though, comes with a caution, as expressed in a post from a Facebook friend, which he attributed to “Maitreya”:

“I know I have called you to become one of the people who can help the Ascended Host bring about the large-scale awakening that is possible in this cosmic cycle. Yet in order to bring about this awakening, you need to demonstrate the path of overcoming duality, the Path of Oneness. And you obviously cannot demonstrate this path by remaining trapped in any of the illusions of separation. Thus, you must overcome even the most subtle illusions, and the most subtle of all is the desire to have other people or the material universe respond to your actions in a certain way. When they do not, you feel justified in responding with feelings that are less than unconditional love, inevitably leading to actions that spring from less than unconditional love, actions that misqualify God’s pure light…

In other words, a gift, even if it’s love or eternal life, that’s given with expectations, is not a gift given freely. And the conditions that we attach to that gift become a barrier to our own eternal life. We are not worshiping God in purity when we do this, because the love we are giving – being conditional, is not God’s love…it is our love.

Ultimately, love by its nature begs to be given, and being given and received, love lives.

Hatred, the other side of the metaphorical coin of love/life, responds in a very similar manner. Hatred is always born of fear, whereas love is born of faith. Hatred, when nurtured in our desires, thoughts, and actions, consumes our nature, which nature, as creations of God, is love. Then, when we give that hatred away, it not only grows outside of us, it grows within us. But there is hope. Hatred, like love, must be received if it is to be perpetuated. If rejected by its target, it dies, like the seed that falls on stony ground.

Love, when nurtured and given, creates oneness – a oneness of eternal life, a oneness in God, in love. Hatred likewise creates a oneness, but it is a oneness of death. Individuals who thrive on fear and hate will ultimately consume themselves. They first take energy from others unto themselves, like a spiritual black hole, consuming all that come into its influence. But once that is gone, and there is no more to be taken…Hatred doesn’t create, it consumes.

Ultimately, hatred, in order to survive, must take. It’s nature is to consume and once all is consumed, and there is nothing left to sustain it, hate dies.

Love creates. Hate destroys.

All things – all philosophies, all religions, all scriptures, all ordinances – all the incomplete images of God – are ultimately metaphors for this great truth. They either teach love, or they teach hate. Or they start out teaching love, but in the hands of men devolve in teaching hate and separation under the guise of love and oneness. I know many people who valiantly manage to love in spite of this deception. Their true nature senses the eternal life that awaits us all, once we pierce that veil of lies. I love these people.

During my “dark night of the soul”, I threw all the jumbled pieces of religion that I had gathered onto the floor, and asked Jesus to help me pick them back up again – that I might see the truth. I believe this is a process we must all experience for ourselves. I can share what I’ve learned so far, but only as an invitation for you to do the same. Your learning, filtered through your needs, desires, experiences, fears, etc. may look differently than mine, and that’s OK.

I have a test that I use to challenge everything that I learn. I ask, “does this that I have learned encourage me to think that I am better than someone else, or to exert any form of influence or control over others?”. If the answer is no, then I am at peace that, even if my learning is incomplete (which it always is), it is at least pointing towards truth…towards love…towards that pure knowledge of God, which is eternal life. I now feel like I should add two new components to this test:

Does it promote separation, or oneness?”

When I share this, do I expect a certain reaction, and is that reaction a condition of love?”

Love and Hate. Two sides of the same coin. Both must be given and received to survive. Both must be nurtured. One, in its purity, creates eternal life. The other, in its pollution, destroys all life.

One is God. The other is not.

Love, with its resulting peace, is my prayer for you, my friends.

5 comments on “Love and Hate

  1. I have been doing some dabbling in the Book of Isaiah. In this research I have seen how love can be pitted against an arrogant longing to be righteous. In Exodus and Deuteronomy, there were stipulations on who was worthy to enter the temple. One must be circumcised and physically whole to enter, according to these texts. Gentiles were not allowed in the temple, nor were eunuchs. Ezra took this even further. After the Babylonian captivity, he insisted that any Israelite male had to abandon his foreign wife and their children if he wanted any part of Israel. The Book of Ruth seems to be a response against this harsh policy—of righteousness verses love. Isaiah 56 explicitly contradicts the law of Moses. It invites Gentiles and even eunuchs to enter the temple as long as they kept the sabbath. It was simple behavior. Faith, doubt, words, do this, believe that—-none of this mattered in Isaiah 56. All were welcome with the most minute requirement—-rest yourself every seventh day and you were in. There are times to separate oneself. There is a need for prisons. But if your whole rationale in relating to people is by dividing who is in or out. That is not love. For me the opposite of love is a temple of supposed holiness which acts in reality as a country club with tight and exclusive membership. In the name of God, it states that I’m in and you are out. A spiritual country club is the opposite of love.

  2. So glad you read this stuff and especially when you respond, Mark. More and more, for me, “it’s all about the love”.

  3. And Mark, I’ve long thought that Isaiah understood the true nature of God better than any of the ancient prophets – and is basically saying, “You guys all really don’t have a clue”.

  4. This statement is so powerful
    During my “dark night of the soul”, I threw all the jumbled pieces of religion that I had gathered onto the floor, and asked Jesus to help me pick them back up again – that I might see the truth.
    Exactly what I’m trying to do. Thanks for this

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