Conversations with God #17 – The Strait and Narrow Way

The following conversation with God is representative of several such conversations; a distillation, if you will of much learning over many days, weeks, even years. Whether it is “real” or the product of my mind; whether it is audible, or in vision; multiple voices or one voice – none of that matters. The principles being taught are what matters. Please do not focus on the “experience”, but on the principles alone. I do not present this as a “conversation with God” with the intent of implying authority of any kind. The only “authority” that these words might carry is the authority that you give them. Any truthfulness is only that which you, yourself, recognize. Trust, however, that this comes from my heart, in sincerity and love.


Me: Lord, why must I always approach you feeling like I need to justify my presence, or your presence, or our presence together? Why do I always feel the need to be “worthy” of this communion? Why can’t I just “be” with you – feeling your love, without fear, with justification?

Response: Laughter. The kind of laughter that said, “Well, you finally get it!”

Well, that’s rude (said humorously, recognizing the mirth and the love behind the laughter)

Well, my son, I’ve been waiting for you to figure this out. There are, and never have been, conditions upon our communion – none, that is, except those imposed upon yourself – by you.

…pause. Days, actually. This concept is still distilling upon my soul.

Lord, I have questions, thoughts. I’m seeking confirmation. So, if I can come to you without thoughts of needing to be worthy, or to justify, or think or act a certain way – if I can simply exist in love and peace in your presence…what does it take for me to think, act, live this way all the time? Why can I not extend that same grace to everyone I meet.

My son, this is the key to the kingdom of heaven, which, of course, is “within you”.

But it’s hard to think that way. I’m surrounded by people who are afraid to trust – afraid to love. Heck, I’m mostly afraid to trust and to love freely, without judgment, without comparison, without feeling the need to protect myself. Living in this fallen, fear-ridden world is difficult.

Yes, it certainly is hard. Very hard. But doing this is the difference between the kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of man, between the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the tree of life. It is the difference, metaphorically, between heaven and hell, salvation and damnation, death and eternal life. If you are not willing to surrender the false illusion of protection that separates you not only from me, but from each other, you cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Lord, that’s kind of scary. Do you mean I have to be perfect in my desires, thoughts, and actions before I can experience the kingdom of Heaven?

No, I don’t mean that at all. I said you must be willing. You must desire. Don’t forget, you’re with me now. But you’re with me now – you have pierced the veil, so to speak – because you surrendered your guilt, your fear, your “worship”. You came to me out of love, not fear. These are the things that comprise the veil – fear, judgment, a desire for control.

Lord, I would really like to live this way all the time, even in this veiled, fallen state. I like the peace that I feel with you. I want everyone to feel this peace, but it seems to me that this can’t happen unless I can offer it to others, as you have offered it to me. Otherwise, I’m simply perpetuating the fallen state, and love – real love, your love, charity, the “pure love of Christ” – remains illusive.

My son, very few have even recognized this state, much less desired it, and even fewer have lived it. There have been some who have ascended to this heavenly existence without experiencing death. It is possible. It is very difficult, but we can help. We can help because you have asked for our help. You asked when you expressed the sincere desire to “become love”. We have heard your prayer. You are learning, but there is much yet for you to learn. Nevertheless, you can also teach and invite others while you are learning – which teaching is part of your learning.

So, Lord, this is the correct path? I must completely change my desires, thoughts, and actions so that they are free from a desire for and dependence upon justice, from judgment, from the bottomless pit of comparison and control? I must learn to forsake thoughts that are motivated by fear, and replace them with thoughts of love, acceptance, grace, and oneness? I must cease to take offense, to the point that forgiveness is not even necessary? I feel the burden of these thoughts now, Lord…now that I’ve been with you, and experienced the peace, the freedom, that comes from living without these things. It truly gives new meaning to your words, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.

Yes, my son. This is the correct path. It is the strait and narrow way. It is difficult, and there are few who travel it. But we are here to help you. It is even more possible now, and there are more who are “waking” to this truth, and who are willing to walk the path. We are in the last stages of this earth’s existence in the current, fallen state. It will soon receive its “paradisiacal” glory. See, in the next state of existence, these false ideas do not exist. We simply think differently. They are as foreign to us now as the thoughts of pure love and grace are to you in your current state. When the earth transitions, only those who can adapt to this new state of existence will be able to remain. The rest must continue in their fallen state, in their illusion, but not on this earth.

Lord, thank you. I repeat my desire to “become love”. I do not do this out of fear. I do not do this seeking any reward other than the opportunity to invite others to seek, with me, this “peace that passeth understanding”; this truth that shall set us free. It matters not whether I succeed or fail, only that I tried.

My son, take my hand. Let us walk together.

2 comments on “Conversations with God #17 – The Strait and Narrow Way

  1. Ditto! I have had your thoughts, and have received similar info. Ramm Dass “ We are all just walking each other home”.

  2. There are more and more of us.

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