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An Ascension – November 24, 2019

During the night, I was feeling like my “being home” was more significant than I had previously realized. Feelings of joy were stirring inside me during those moments between sleep and wakefulness.

I had read something about the second comforter experiences earlier, and thought perhaps I would ask my spiritual companions about this topic (These companions have names – but I choose to share those names at this time). But as I started to, I understood, “No – I need to ask about what’s happening now – with this life transition, and the feelings of hope and joy that have been stirring inside me”. When I did, it began to become more clear. The question was repeated – after several times before – “Are you prepared to be with us”. Of course, each time this question is asked, it triggers questions as to what, exactly, that means. I’m still not sure, but it is slightly more clear now, after this morning’s experience.

As I communed, pondered, sought to understand – to know, this feeling of increasing joy and hopefulness – impending joy – just grew. You could say it swelled.  My companions knew was happening, and they encouraged it but at the same time just allowed it to take its course. They already knew what was just now being revealed to me. The life that my family and I were going to live was filled with promise. I knew it. I can’t say how, but I knew it. My “belonging” with these spiritual companions was reemphasized and clarified. Then at one point, one of them took my hand, and said, “Let’s go”. We climbed / flew / ascended a mountain. This took seconds. All four of us ascended, and when we got to the top, I knew that this was somehow familiar territory. It was my mountaintop, but not exclusively mine – just familiar. It was a rocky, high place, but it was not the “top” – it was a launching place, and I knew it. So I asked, “Ok, what next”.

At that point, an entrance into another dimension – a garden – opened up. We entered, and I knew that the tree of life was there. I took one of the fruits while they watched. I assumed that they were encouraging me to partake, but I didn’t partake. I didn’t want to – I wanted to just hold it. It was a pretty big piece of fruit – white of course, and at times the size of a small watermelon, and other times the size of a pear. As I said, I didn’t partake – I just held it close to me, cherishing it. I didn’t need to partake – to actually take a bite. I don’t know why. I just wanted to relish it. It wasn’t like I missed something or lost something by not “partaking”. It just wasn’t necessary that I take a bite of the fruit.

After a few minutes, one of them said, again – “Ok – go”. And somehow I was catapulted, or sling-shotted, into the heavens. They didn’t accompany me this time. I was in infinity – darkness, but not dark. God was there – infinite intelligence, the source, the one infinite creator – but there was only presence – no image. God was just everywhere, near and far, here and there – all at the same time. And it was good. And I knew of the vastness of creation, and I experienced the infinite love of God – experienced God – but at no time was I overwhelmed. I felt freed from the ego – from fear. It was all good, and I was part of it, and I was unique, but one with it all at the same time. I tried to experience more – but it wasn’t coming.

Then, a new – old – knowledge came to me. It was something I have known and shared for a while now, but this time it had more context, more meaning, a greater perspective. It was that – with all of this – this ascension from myself, to piercing the veil in communing with my companions, to an increasing level of joy, to the top of the mountain, into the garden and the tree of life, and then into infinity in the “presence” of God – in spite of all of this – it is all meaningless until it is manifested as acts of love and kindness between people. The circle of infinity was complete. I had ascended into the presence of “the father”, but then brought full-circle into “love thy neighbor as thyself”. And this, of course, is the hope and joy that awaits in this new phase of life. The vastness of infinite creation – the nature of God – only has meaning when it is manifested in the proverbial “simple act of kindness”

So, great things await – glorious in the context that every act of love, respect, reverence between people is glorious. Peace, harmony, love, kindness – these will define our future.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this remarkable experience with us.

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