The Devil’s in the Details

I don’t think there are many, if any, humans, living in this mortal existence, who really comprehend ultimate truth.  But there is an ultimate truth that I choose to accept, and that I seek diligently to comprehend.  That truth is…

Wait for it…


This truth is summed up in the phrase, “God is love”.  In other words, somehow, at the core of all creation, the force, the power that drives, powers, organizes, and perpetuates that creation is love.

This brings me great comfort.  From this concept, simple as it may seem (it’s not simple at all), I gain the assurance that, no matter what I do or think, if these actions and thoughts are constructive and not destructive, then I am doing what I need to do.  If they are accepting, trusting, understanding, respectful, compassionate, patient, and non-judgmental; if they are focused on encouraging and assisting each individual, each unit of creation, to be the best they can be; if I can dedicate myself to learning to “be” love; then I am fulfilling the measure of my creation.

The details of how I accomplish this don’t really matter.  Whether the details reflect a Christian doctrine of truth, or Islamic, or Buddhist, or Hindu, or “New Age”; as long as they are infused with, and focus on, love, then those details don’t matter.

Until they do.

The details matter when they become a distraction from the goal, which is truth.  When we allow ourselves to believe that the details are the goal, then they matter.  That’s why “The devil’s in the details”.

  • When we allow ourselves to believe that ordinances save…
  • When we allow ourselves to love others less (note above – “accepting, trusting…respectful, compassionate…non-judgmental”) because the details of their seeking are different from ours…
  • When we think we have the truth, and understand truth better than others to the point that we look down on them, or seek to save them…
  • When we try to tell others “you should…” or “you need to…” do something a certain way…
  • When we imply the threat of eternal damnation, suffering, or hell because their details are different than our…
  • When we indulge, or escape into any of these thought forms, we’ve allowed the details to overshadow the truth, and that’s when “the devil’s in the details”.

That’s when we’ve allowed the ordinance to subordinate the truth that it illustrates.

That’s when we’ve placed obedience above love, commandments above truth.

That’s when we’ve trusted in the arm of flesh.

That’s when we’ve crossed over into idolatry of the form, the scriptures, even idolatry of God and/or Jesus.

We are all equal in the eyes of God.  God’s love is so perfect that none are loved more or less than another, and the manifestation of that love – which is the truth of all creation – is available to all who will receive it.  I personally have observed that we all seem to be unequally prepared to receive of the manifestations of that love, but preparing ourselves to receive that love is the purpose of this life.  And the next…and the next.

And this is where the devil is in the details.  They can either help us to comprehend the truth, or they can blind us to the truth.  They can either prepare us to receive the fullness of God’s love, or they can separate us from the fullness of God’s love.

Yep, the details don’t matter…until they do.

2 comments on “The Devil’s in the Details

  1. God is in the details also, even to the point that our thoughts will condemn us.

  2. God’s commandments are teaching us how to love the way God wants us to.

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