Conversations with God #16…A Folk Tale

This is a folk tale.  Perhaps even a myth.  As with all folk tales, there is a kernel of truth in it.  But the story itself is not important, and it’s certainly not to be taken literally.  What’s important is how you might apply it in your life. What would you ask for if the Savior of the world granted you 3 wishes?  This isn’t some magic genie.  It’s Jesus!


Good Morning, Lord!  Can we go to the High Mountain today?

Yes, let’s go.  I knew you were going to ask.

So, my son, today I ‘d like to play a game.  Well, not really a game.  It’s pretty serious, but I already know the outcome, so it will all be well when we’re finished.

You know the story of Aladdin and the lamp, right?  Well, I’d like to grant you 3 wishes.  Anything you want – except there are 2 criteria:

  • If you wish for something that you already have, but don’t know it yet, then I will tell you.
  • Your last wish cannot be for 3 more wishes.


Well, sure, Lord, but you’re going to have to give me time to think.

Ok – but, my son, you do realize, don’t you, that you’ve spent your whole lifetime preparing for this.

Yeah.  Well, I guess so.

Ok, think away.  I’ll wait.  But you do need to get ready for work this morning.

Ponder, Ponder, Ponder…..

Ok, Lord, I think I’ve got it figured out.

First – I wish that you would always be my friend and companion and accompany me on this journey I’m on.

Ahem – criteria # 1.  You already have that.

Ok.  Whew.  That’s cool!  So, I’ve still got 3 more wishes?

Yep – 3 more wishes.

Ok, well, then, wish # 1 – will you promise to help me recognize and reconcile any hypocrisy that might arise in my soul from here on out?  I hate hypocrisy.  It’s probably my greatest fear, and I know I’m not immune to it.

Yes, my son.  That’s a good wish.  Consider it granted.  I will always help you.

Great.  Thanks.  Now, wish # 2…will you promise to help me to effectively both learn and teach others about the true nature of love as the power that motivates, organizes, and sustains all of creation?


Ok, now for wish #3.  I guess I have to ask if you will grant 3 wishes to my wife.  That’s my third wish.

Again, done!  But she’ll have to ask for them.  I have to say, though, that’s kind of sneaky.  It almost violates criteria #2.  But, I guess as long as you don’t coach her…

Ok, that’s cool.  I’ll let her know. “…coach her?”  Really??!!  Don’t you know me better than that?

But, son – you could have asked for anything…anything!  Money, security, health…anything.

Lord, you knew already that I wouldn’t ask for those things.  And I couldn’t ask for wisdom, or knowledge, or power.  Those would all be shortcuts, and I wouldn’t have earned them, developed them.  I wouldn’t have grown.  And they would be your gifts – not mine.  And I couldn’t turn around and share them if I didn’t have them to give.

What about eternal life, then?

Well, Lord, I already have that, so, you would have told me so anyway (Criteria #1).  So I eliminated it pretty quickly.  And you’ve already promised so many things – love, sustenance, peace…you know – the whole “consider the lilies” parable.  Nope, I think these are my wishes.  Sure hope they’re good ones.  I don’t expect to have another chance at this.

All right, my friend.  You have done well.  Now, let’s sit down and take in the view from this High Mountain.  Let’s see what work needs to be done.

2 comments on “Conversations with God #16…A Folk Tale

  1. Thanks Scott . Very insightful.

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