Whispering Souls

Wow! So much this morning. There is no chastisement or judgment in Him. It’s just not there. He wants our souls to “whisper to each other”.

This is huge. What does it mean to “whisper to each other’s souls”. First, you must be close. There can be no separation. Whispering is intimate. It is sweet. Whispering implies trust. It also implies exclusivity, but that’s not part of it.  Whispering is peaceful.  It is almost child-like and innocent.  Whispering, if you think about it, is quite beautiful.

Today, our souls, mine and Jesus’, whispered to each other.

I whisper, soul to soul, with my wife. There are some in my life with whom I can whisper, soul to soul, but very few. Not family, and I can count the friends on one, maybe two hands – and even then, not all the time – only in special moments.

But today, I whispered souls with Jesus, and it was…no – it IS…sweet.

We have created an image of Jesus – the Christed Jesus – of Him being superior – the only begotten son. He wrought the atonement, he was crucified, and resurrected, and now He “reigns”. He will be our judge.  He will execute the destruction, and thereby the salvation, of the world.

This is not Him. The crucifixion has become a wedge between us and Him. We can’t let that be. It is a twisted, warped outcome that is not what was intended. Oneness was His intent – that we may become one – all of us, including Him, with each other. Yet, we allow our image of Him to separate us. Some are good, some are bad, but none are good enough – not as good as Him.

This is not Him. He “atoned” for our sins in the Garden? The only “sin” is not loving each other. Oh, it pained Him, indeed, but not the way we think.

I pondered over the wounds in His hands, seeking to understand.  He whispered to my soul, and I to His.

He longs to whisper to our souls. Each one, one on one. And once we have learned to whisper soul to soul with Him, perhaps we can learn to whisper soul to soul with each other. Without fear.  Without guilt.  Without judgment.  Without control.   And with each great, glorious, beautiful, unifying whisper, he brings about the true atonement. Today.  Ongoing.  Inviting.  Independent of time or space or form.

This IS Him. And I learned today that in knowing Him – in whispering souls with Him – I can know myself.

As He said, and I have already recorded, “I AM the purity that you seek.”

“…That YOU seek, He said!” I seek Him! He IS the purity that I seek – the very same PURITY that I SEEK! And today, I got a glimpse of that purity…of Him…of myself…even of each of you…, when I whispered to His soul, and He whispered to mine.

Perhaps if we can learn to whisper to each other’s souls…

5 comments on “Whispering Souls

  1. Nice! The “still small voice” would be a whisperer. When you talk about true atonement and Jesus being the Purity you seek, it reminds me of Thomas Keating describing Centering Prayer as “divine therapy.” I like to think of sin as separation. When we’re overloaded with our own concerns (surrender, anyone?) and distracted by random thoughts, it’s hard to hear whispers. And, that’s the way so many conversations go. We’re so busy formulating our arguments, wanting to be heard, waiting to score our points, there are times we barely listen. Getting past all of that so fully listening to him and to each that we can whisper to each other would turn so many things on their head.

  2. Hebrews 12:6-8 For whom the L ORD loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives.

    Proverbs 3:12 for the LORD disciplines the one He loves

  3. Whisper away! I’ll listen and whisper back.

    I’m grateful for the still small voice and the love that IS. It’s me, it’s you, it’s the very element of every creation.
    I’m grateful for Jesus and His personal whispers, that speak to each spirit, right where they are and what is best for them to hear in the moment. Needing to remember to listen is key.

    Steve, As far as the chastening, scourging, and disciplining…I have NEVER experienced that from Him. (I will look up the words in Hebrew and Greek).

    Man does those things, when love is not the motivating force. We do it to ourselves. Reminds me of my dad, “I’m beating you because I love you”. (Force of Control. Desperation. Knowing no other way). Jesus has other ways.

    What is love? 1 Corinthians 13 is helpful in understanding God. Jesus is love, God is love. We are love,…just need to awaken to the truth. Remember.

    New Testament…Love is always the way with Jesus. If I am teachable, He can teach me. He works with me, right where I am, gently. Encouraging and showing me other ways to choose, instead of the ways that I have learned here on this earth…which were NOT loving ways. They were ways learned from the wounded.
    “Be in the world, but not of it “.


  4. Sue – yes! I hate the “God chastens whom He loves” mentality. Yeah – but I’d rather not let it get to that point. If I’m seeking, asking, knocking, why would He need to chasten.

    Yes – 1 Cor 13 is one of my favorites! Love is the only way to know them.

    You mentioned twice about “whispers…that speak to each spirit, right where they are, and what is best for them to hear in the moment” and then, “He works with me, right where I am”. I believe this is a definition of grace. Maybe not the only definition of grace, but an outstanding definition of grace. And we have grace, and are thus more like Him, when we learn to accept and love people – even all things – for who, what, and how they are…now! This is the pure love of Christ, the light in all things.

    I love how we are in tune so much. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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