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Train Songs…and Love

Livin’ full is damned risky

But I never knew no other way

And lovin’ can get awful tricky

When you ain’t got the courage to stay

As another stop falls behind me

And another lone whistle blows

I’m tellin’ you mister, in case you don’t know

That train songs

Yeah, all those train songs

Got nothin’ to do with trains

“Everybody Knows that Train Songs

Got Nothin’ to do With Trains” – Shiloh Rising


Think about every train song you ever heard.  They’re never about the coal or wood ash in the car, or the smell of diesel, or the ceaseless noise, or even the scenery flashing by.  Train songs are always about going, or leaving, or wishing you were going or leaving.  They’re about passing relationships with people who don’t know you.  Train songs are always about being somewhere else, or being someone that you’re not right now.  They’re about fresh starts.  They’re about forgiveness.  They’re about finding peace…peace this is very elusive.  They’re about sustaining hope that you haven’t already messed up this life beyond redemption.

Train songs are, in a sense, an illusion, a distraction, a metaphor.  Kind of like love.

See, loving others is hardly about the other person.  It can’t be.  If it were, the saying that, “Some people are just really hard to love” would be true.  But it’s not true.  Not really.  To truly love, the object of your love doesn’t matter.

No, loving others is all about you.

In order to love someone – to truly love them…unselfishly, completely, with no thought of what that person can do for you…one must be at peace with themselves.

YOU must be love.

Most of us go through life looking for love in all the wrong places; seeking for forgiveness to be granted by some outside power; hoping for that elusive train that will transport us to a new creation.  We look to Christ.  We look to God.  We look to the philosophy, or the religion, or the guru of the day – hoping to find peace…to find love.  We want them to fix us.

But the love we seek is inside us.  And when we finally learn the truth, it will be that we already are everything we seek.  God’s will for us is that we become (or realize) what He already created.

There are plenty of examples, of course, of those have learned this truth.  The ultimate, though is God Himself.  God IS love.  We are His creation; and extension of Him.  He is in us and we are in Him.  How can God create something that He is not?  Therefore, WE ARE LOVE.

Yet, we keep looking for that train that, once we get on it, is going to change us.




I’m lazy.  I want to love people, but I don’t want to have to work at it.  It’s too hard.  One must be constantly vigilant.  Can’t tolerate judgment.  Can’t tolerate fear.  Can’t tolerate guilt.  It’s all very difficult and frustrating, because I’m constantly failing.

So, one day, I was praying, and sharing this feeling with my friend, and it dawned on me (I think this is called revelation, or inspiration), that it would all be so much easier if I could just become love.  Then, it would just be natural, right?  I could just be myself, and everything would be perfect!

So, I began praying, “Lord, help me become love!”

The answer?  It sent something like this…

“Ahem.  Scoot – you already are love”.

So, there ya go, I thought to myself.  See how you are?

So, Lord, how come I don’t feel like love?

“Well, we do have some work ahead of us.

There’s that whole garden thing,

and the forbidden fruit, and tree of knowledge of good

and evil, and the illusion that it created that knowledge of good

and evil will help you become as the Gods”.

Huh?!!! I said.  You mean “Knowledge” is not the key to salvation?

“Yeah – it’s still all about knowledge.  Always has been.

But it’s not that kind of knowledge that leads to life.

You see, it’s knowledge of me that is the key to eternal life,

and therefore the antidote to death.

And, I AM…LOVE!  So, knowledge of ME is knowledge of…what?”

Oh – I get it.  It’s knowledge of love!

“And where is that love?”

I guess it’s inside of me (I said, sheepishly).  So, it’s the knowledge of me, the true me, the me that is your original creation, the me that is already love, that I need to seek.  The knowledge of me, of you, of love, of creation, of eternity…it’s almost like we’re all one and the same.  It’s like we’re not separate.


Lord, though, can you help me figure this out?  I understand, but it’s hard to let go of all this old stuff; to get through the illusion, the veil, and really learn about us – together – one – love.

“My son, I thought you’d never ask.”

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