View from a High Mountain

I approached the Lord this morning with a touch of anxiety.  I said, basically, “Lord, I know I try not to ask for much other than for you to teach me.  But today, I need you.  I need comfort.  Will you comfort me?  And, will you teach me what it means to be my “ascended self” as you counseled me last week?

None of the following was “vision”.  I did not perceive any of it with my eyes, or with my hands.  I felt it with my consciousness.  It was not in technicolor, but that does not mean it was not real.

He was there.  He said, “Come with me.”

We went to “a high mountain”, only it wasn’t really a high mountain.  It was more of an attitude, a perspective.  It was “leave all things behind, and behold in purity”.  He said “What do you see?”

I said, “I see love.  I see…I feel…harmony in all things, in all creation.  I see perfection, unity…I see love.  And it includes all things.  It is all things…it is all creation.”

I knew that this was accurate.  I knew that I had answered correctly.  I knew that He was satisfied.  There was also the suggestion of “See, you already know this”.  There was more, much more, but it was implied, not specific.  After all, there is much detail in “It is all things…it is all creation”.

The presence of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother unfolded.  They were just there.  They welcomed me gently, without great fanfare.  It was peace.  They were peace.  It was familiar.  They were familiar.  I knew that not only were they there, but Jesus was still with me, and there were many – a close inner circle, which in my mind meant the great prophets, but there were also great concourses of beings with them.  They just were, and I knew it, but it was simple, peaceful…it just was.

Heavenly Mother spoke to me – I think largely because I was drawn to her.  I am more easily drawn to women.  I trust them.  She gently, gradually, mind to mind, confirmed what I “saw” from the high mountain.

She made it clear that all people are included in the peace that we felt.  It was the peace of all creation, all existence…all dimensions, all time, space, being.  It doesn’t matter what they might be doing, or might have done; this peace is theirs if they wish to include themselves.  She asked me if I would invite (name withheld – but someone with whom I struggle), and I said, without hesitation, “Why, of course!  No one should be excluded”.  This spontaneous, sincere, love-filled response pleased her, and it pleased me, and I knew it was truth.

I think much transpired during this visit.  It contained little detail.  It just was.  It was good.  It was peace and love and harmony and unity.  I knew I was one with them.

As I continued to contemplate my view from the high mountain, I understood, once again, that love just is.  We can choose it, or we can reject it.  If we choose it, we are one with God and all creation.  Love just is, and it is not.  It is not judgment.  It is not fear.  It is not rejection or conditional.  It is not “maybe – if you do this and this and this”.  But it is free will…agency, if you prefer.

All scripture is true, and it all teaches this love.  There is much scripture that is not canonized.

All commandments are love.  There is nothing that does not fall within its rule.

Lastly, what does it mean to “Be my ascended self” as Jesus recently counseled me?  It means to trust the things I have been taught.  The source of that teaching is unimpeachable.  I have asked sincerely, and it has been given in purity.  Furthermore, it means to act…in love.  It means to know the God in each person that I meet, and to love them without fear.  And it means to share with those who will receive.

I offer these things in love and purity, which is the name of Jesus Christ.

3 comments on “View from a High Mountain

  1. Hi From the east coast Scott.
    I always enjoy your writings. They remind me, that I am not alone in the journey to ‘know’ (awaken, rememberer), and that God is love and His creation is that love and oneness. That when information is given it’s just ‘known’. Sometimes it seems like there are no words, to even express or explain. It just is.
    Your writings also help me to see that I’m not crazy.
    I am grateful for your willingness to ask, trust, experience, and share.
    Much thanks!

  2. Sue, so glad to hear this. Your comments themselves help me, too. I was recently told that I had a “lying spirit”. That stung, even though I know it’s not true. I appreciate your encouragement.

    • Wow, a ‘lying spirit’?! Wow.
      I am learning that people who don’t have these types of experiences can react in some unloving ways. I believe it is fear. I have become careful who I speak to and share my experiences with. I can see why people were thought to be witches and burned. Why apostles were killed. Why those with spiritual experiences and personal revelation were killed. Joan of Arc is a common figure for me. It’s all Fear based.
      It’s like….’how could you possibly have insights from GOD? You are an everyday person. GOD doesn’t talk to the everyday person. He only speaks to the chosen ones. Church leaders, etc. AND… it’s never happened to me, so it doesn’t happen to you’.
      If they would just try and then listen, it could happen to them. God wants to communicate with all of His children. The child needs to be willing, and have the faith to act.
      I will not ‘caste my pearls before swine’, as the scripture says. Unless, led by God to say something. I have made the commitment to do His will. I am thankful for personal revelation, and I love how it all works, for our good and God’s glory.
      Love, love, love. Intention, motives, outcomes……love.
      Peace to you my friend.

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