The Nature of Christ

Someone posted the following question today on facebook:

“Do you think the symbol of the cross is disrespectful to Christ? Did Satan inspire this, to focus on His execution?… the Lord does say “take up your cross and follow me” and He submitted Himself to the cross when He had all the power to end it.”

This individual is kind and sincere, and often asks thought provoking questions.  He has my love and respect, and I am thankful for his thoughtful spirit.

I answered: “I think it’s impossible for Christ to be disrespected, but it’s not impossible for us to disrespect Him. He is not offended because such is not in His nature, but we can be offensive. Reducing his holiness and perfection to such a profane symbol might offend us, but not Him.”

I would like to expound on this idea, and in doing so, record for all my knowledge of the nature of Christ:

  • Christ is Love.  It’s that simple, and it’s that complete.  There is nothing else.  Love itself is everything.  All else is fear-based, and since there is no fear in love, all else is not Christ.
  • Christ is pure.  Pure love.  Unadulterated.  Again, there is nothing else in His nature.  All else is impure, and there is nothing impure in Him.
  • Judgment is not love, so there is no judgment in Christ.
  • Punishment is not love, so there is no punishment in Christ.
  • Control is not love, so there is no control in Christ.
  • Guilt is not love, so there is no guilt in Christ.
  • Power is not love, except the power of love.  There is no power other than the power of love in Christ.  There is no force, no control, no manipulation, no “trickery” in Christ.
  • There is no propaganda in Christ.  He does not withhold or manipulate truth to accomplish a purpose.
  • There is no deception in Christ.
  • There is no impatience in Christ.  There are no deadlines, there is no final judgment, there is no “my spirit will not always strive with man” in Christ.
  • Christ does not hate anyone.  Ever.  Not in any way.  No exceptions. He is simply not capable of any such feeling or thought.  Christ does not dislike, or disrespect anything or anyone.  He does not love one more than another.  He truly is “no respecter of persons”.

Now I need to repeat a principle from another post – that I cannot project, or perceive a virtue or a motive or a characteristic in someone else that I do not carry in myself.  To do so is to suggest that I have the ability to create something that I cannot imagine.

My perception of another person is my own creation.  It is NOT that person.  It is only my perception of that person, and that perception is my own creation.

So if you or I perceive someone is good or evil; if we attribute good or evil to that person, that is because somewhere, deep down inside, we can conceive of that evil. Otherwise, we could not create such a perception of that person. To illustrate using an all-too-familiar extreme, a 4 year old child is simply incapable of conceiving of the murder of millions of Jews during World War II.

Since the things I described above are not part of Christ’s nature, then He cannot attribute them to us!  He just does not see us that way!  If He did, He would cease to be God!

Oh, we see ourselves that way.  And we attribute those things to Him, but they are NOT Him, and in His eyes, they are NOT us.

Christ love for us is a pure as His own nature.  In His eyes, we are guiltless.  We are perfect.

We profane Him, even take His name in vain, when we attribute to Him a nature that is only our own.

And anything that we attribute to Christ that is not part of His nature does not become Him.  It is simply our perception of Him.  And these things are our thoughts, our needs, our desires, our fears, or we would not be able to project them onto Him.

Why are we separated from Christ?  Because we do not know Him.  We only know our perception of Him, and that perception is not Him.

If we are to be one with Him, we must learn of His true nature. And if we are to perceive that true nature, we must have that true nature in ourselves.  And as long as we continue to sustain a nature in ourselves that is not His nature, we can never know Him as He truly is.

But we can know Him.  For that true nature of Christ – that Christ Consciousness – is in us.

We just don’t recognize it because we are fallen.  We can only see in others what we see in ourselves.  As long as we continue to see ourselves as fallen; as the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil; as beings who indulge judgment and guilt and fear and jealousy and control, we will never be able to see that Christ perfection in ourselves, and we will never be able to see it in Him.

And we will never be one with Him.  We will never know Him.

Instead, we will continue to seek to engage a being who doesn’t exist.  Dare I say that we will continue seek to engage an idol?  An idol whom we have formed in our own minds, an idol who is an extension of our own fallen consciousness – our own ego – our own natural man?

I know I’m repeating myself.  But this message is a message of ascension.  It is a message of redemption.  It is a message of salvation.  It is a message of eternal life.  It is the message of eternal life (…to know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent).  There is no other!

In order to become one with Christ, we must know Him – the true Him – free of the imperfect attributes that we project onto Him because of our own fallen nature.  In order to do this, my friends, we must discover that perfect nature, that Christ nature in ourselves.  Again:

  • We must forsake the idea of judgment.  That is not Christ.
  • We must forsake the idea of guilt.  That is not Christ.
  • We must forsake the idea of punishment.  That is not Christ.
  • We must forsake the idea of condemnation, or worthiness.  That is not Christ.

These are all the fruits of fear, and there is no fear in love.

If we are to know Christ, we must approach Him in pure, childlike love, even as a little child.  We must approach Him in complete trust, and if we are to do that, we must find that love, that purity, that peace, in ourselves, and we must celebrate it, and nurture it, and elevate it to the forefront of our consciousness on a daily basis.

In short, we must love God with all our might, mind, and strength; and we must love our neighbor as ourselves.

This is the will of God.

There is no other!

As I settled into prayer today, I didn’t last very long.  I was not overwhelmed with a love from outside myself, but I was filled to bursting with a love that was coming from inside.  Bursting, yet it was still peaceful, and warm, and joyful.  I felt the urge to fold my arms across my chest, and just squeeze that beautiful spirit that is Christ, and that is me, and that is you, and hold it to myself, in myself, through myself.  I felt the warm desire to “be Christ”.

And then the Lord said, “Get up and write”.

7 comments on “The Nature of Christ

  1. I’d only gotten a little ways in when I saw something completely at odds with the Jesus who governs all things. You say that “Judgment is not love, so there is no judgment in Christ. Punishment is not love, so there is no punishment in Christ.” Both statements are totally fallacious.

    JUDGMENT IS LOVE when it must be to protect the innocent! If we did not have a justice system to separate sexually and physically abusive parents from their children, for example, then those children would have to continue suffering day after day and year after year. When the justice system takes justice upon the abuser, it is a show of love for the abused. How many of us are abused! How can Jesus show love toward the abused save he rescues them? And how can he rescue them save he brings about justice upon their abusers?

    PUNISHMENT IS LOVE also; for it is a sign that God actually gives a darn about us. He has said that whom he loves he also chastens. It is precisely because he loves us that he is patient and kind and instructive all the day long. But it is also precisely because he loves us that he removes his protective hand to let punishment and chastening befall us when we have refused to kindness and instruction. And as with the case of abusers and innocent victims above, punishment is often needed in order for him to answer the cries of the innocent who plead to him for mercy from their oppressors.

    The cross symbolizes death of the ego, as you would put it. The cross symbolizes the sins that easily beset us. Christ overcame the cross. If we look to the cross as a symbol of overcoming death and sin, then it is well with us. If we look at it as a means to focus upon the humiliation of God in the flesh, then we miss the mark. The cross is a powerful symbol that, like all other things divine, Satan has corrupted and denigrated to keep us from that holy inheritance that is freely offered to all who will accept and receive it.

    • John Paul, thank you for taking the time to read what I wrote. You speak of judgment in the carnal world. You speak of punishment in the carnal world. I am describing an ascendant level of existence – one that we must experience if we are to be one with Him. You statements are true in their sphere. I’m not going to say that my statements are true in their sphere, because you must decide that for yourself. Obviously, I believe they are true. We are viewing this from two different perspectives.

  2. I would like to share what I understand about the Cross. Three years ago this month, Christ asked me to start wearing a cross. Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I had been taught my whole life that we don’t use the Cross as a symbol because it represents the Saviour’s death and we are looking to and following the Resurrected Lord. My initial reaction upon Christ’s command was positive and I wasted no time going out to find a cross to wear as a necklace. I chose an amethyst one from a local rock shop.

    The first day I put it on I went to tuck it behind my shirt as I was accustomed to doing with crystals I would wear and was immediately told, “Don’t hide it.” This command gave me pause. I thought about all the places I would be going and things I would be doing and worried (yes, I was in fear) of how I would be viewed by others, especially neighbors and fellow members of my church. We just don’t use the Cross as a symbol of Christ!

    Thus began a journey that would last 18 months where Christ used His Symbol to show me what is in my heart. I discovered to my great lament that I would have been no different than Peter on the eve our Lord was arrested when Peter denied knowing His Lord. I learned much about myself and had many interesting experiences with others when out in public and at church.

    I am grateful for the experience of wearing a cross and also learned that Christ is not offended by His Symbol. It is, after all, where He gave up His life that we might Live. I was given to understand He views His Cross with gratitude and affection. I now feel the same any and every time I see a cross.

    Among the many Things one is given when brought back into His Presence is a witness of His life and Sacrifice. One will witness His Sufferings in Gethsemane and upon the Cross.

    Christ is not offended when we use His Symbol to testify to the world that we are Christians. Does that mean every Christian should wear a cross or put one on the front door? No, but bear in mind it is a Symbol recognized the world over of Christians and Who they worship. If a Christian chooses not to use the Cross as a Symbol of Christ to the world, it might be a good exercise to ask what symbols are used instead and why.

  3. Reading back through this blog today, it is obvious that you are having conversations with demons. This is not just the Gospel According to Scoot. This is the gospel of all clever anti-Christs we are warned to avoid in scripture. This is the gospel according to Satan. You are forthwith dis-invited from hijacking my site with links to your blog here. You deny and wrest true scripture, blinded by Satan’s cunning and fake philosophies. You believe in a completely inane concept of Christ, and of love altogether. This is NOT love, what you describe. And you will find out firsthand at the JUDGMENT BAR OF GOD, seeing as you have intentionally denied the scriptures again and again during the days of your probation.

  4. WOW, JP. So be it, I guess. I will no longer post any links on your fb page.

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