There Will be Peace

There will be peace.

A profound, all consuming, fulfilling-of-all-hope type of peace.  Peace like the lion lying with the lamb; the child playing on the cockatrice’s den; because “This is the purpose that is purposed upon the whole earth: and this is the hand that is stretched out upon all the nations”. Isaiah 14:26

His hand is stretched out still because He is, and because we are, and there never was anything else.  Not really.

Just peace.

The Christ is the embodiment of that peace.  When He walked the earth, He endured the illusion that there is something that is not peace.  But that was just an illusion.  It still is just an illusion.  But He endured the illusion, the same illusion that we all endure as part of our walk on the earth. In this way, He descended below all things.

Nevertheless, He was always peace.  We are always peace.  The difference is that He knew it.  He knew that “not peace” is an illusion, and the reality is peace…always, forever.  Creation is Peace.  Existence is peace.  God is peace.  Christ is peace.  You and I are peace.  And, of course, peace is creation.  Peace is existence.  Peace is God.  Peace is Christ.  Peace is you and me.  Peace is all things eternal, and all things eternal are peace.  All else is…death.

Yes, there will be peace…when we choose it.

We won’t bring it about.  We can’t.  It already is.  Our striving for Zion?  Zion already is, we just can’t see it.  Seeking to “know Christ”?  We already know Him, we just can’t see it.  We are blinded by the illusion.

What is the reality of this illusion, then?  Why does it seem so real to us?  Why do we think that this illusion is our “I AM”?  Furthermore, why do we project our illusion onto Christ, and decide that our false “I AM” is also His “I AM”?

We do this because we keep thinking that:

  • Christ cares about the past, when He doesn’t
  • Christ cares about the future, when He doesn’t.
  • Christ cares about judgment, or guilt, or punishment, or justice, when He doesn’t.
  • Christ cares about hierarchy, or organization, or authority, when He doesn’t.

Instead, Christ JUST IS.  He is love.  When we are love, we are one with Him.  But when we’re distracted by the illusion of the past, the future, or guilt, or punishment, or authority, we separate ourselves from Him.

And then it’s really hard to experience the peace that, ultimately, is all things.

We do this – this illusion – to ourselves.  We ALL do it.  It’s part of our experience.  I don’t really know why.  If I started asking why, I would probably find myself going down a mega complex of rabbit holes that would serve little purpose other than to distract me from the now, from my “I AM”, from love.

But there will be peace…when we choose it.

How, then, do we go about choosing peace?

Perhaps I can share a few keys that have helped me open my eyes – just enough – to begin seeing beyond the illusion.  The view remains dim, because I’m still burdened by all the lies, but it is becoming clearer day by day; prayer by prayer; revelation by revelation.  And what I am beginning to see is glorious…and peaceful.

  • I don’t have to be right. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to know truth.  It does, however, mean that I don’t have a need to prove to you that I’m right – that my knowledge is greater or more accurate than yours.  It also means that my journey toward truth does not have to be more valid than yours, or that I have to be more enlightened than you are.  It also means that I’m not afraid to find out that I’m wrong.  All of this is possible because my worth, my value, my access to Christ is not determined by any of these things.  It just is.
  • We are all guiltless! Guilt is an illusion, created by us, in an attempt to earn our way to heaven.  If we “repent”, and feel guilt, we think we can wipe out our “sins” and gain access to the atonement, because somehow Christ will love us more and we can be closer to him if we express guilt.  This irony is that it is this very guilt that separates us – from Him, from each other, even from our true selves. Guilt is a product of the past, and we’ve already established (well, I’ve already established) that Christ doesn’t care about the past.  You know what else I realized?  If I want to rid myself of the burden of guilt, I can’t project guilt onto others, either.  I cannot judge someone else as guilty, or think that they should be feeling guilt, if I wish to feel guiltless myself.  It’s a weird dichotomy – but I somehow know this is true.  I can’t be guiltless unless I recognize the guiltlessness in everyone else.  But – voila!  When I do this – I see them as Christ sees them.  I see everyone else through His eyes!  Now I can start to realize that oneness, and heal that separation.
  • Fear is so cagey! It’s like a spider.  I don’t hate spiders, by the way, but my wife does.  I can tell how big a spider is by how loud she screams.  Anyway – back to the spider, and its web, and fear.  Once we allow fear to be part of our thought process, it begins to spin this masterful, even beautiful, web, and lies in wait for us to get caught up in it. If we’re not diligent, or aware, fear will absolutely consume us.  Fear is a product of the future, but it’s based upon the past.  Christ doesn’t care about either one.  He is not bound by time, space, and form.  Oh- and then, (this is almost a cliché for me) we all know by now that “there is no fear in love”.  So, fear cannot be part of me, and I need to recognize it and root it out of my being.  This takes faith.  Lots of it.  And trust.  And love.
  • Sin is what’s in my heart. It has little to do with my actions – only my motivations. Of course, like guilt, this concept must apply to everyone, or it can’t apply to me.  We are all sinners together, or not at all.
  • Practice living in the now. Practice existing in the now.  The past doesn’t matter. It cannot be changed.  Only our view of the past, as it helps us appreciate the now, has any relevance in our being.  Furthermore, the future is not here yet.  We can hope, but we can’t control.  And I think one of the best ways to influence the future is to learn to appreciate the now.  Peace resides in the now.  It obviously doesn’t – no, it can’t – reside in the past or the future – only in the now.

Perhaps the most profound concept that helps me move towards having peace is my concept, or knowledge, of Christ.  As I’ve said before, Christ just is.  He is love.  Pure love.  He is us and we are Him – all together, and we all are beautiful, and glorious, and full of grandeur.  “Trust me, relax” is like scripture to me.  Our existence is peace.  Everything that we fear – death, judgment, guilt, betrayal – none of these things are eternal, or even real.  They are all our self-made illusions.  They are not Christ.  Christ is all goodness, and perfection, and joy…and peace.  Consider the power of the sun (or a nuclear bomb, or whatever) unleashed, unbound, in full glory, yet existing in such harmony that even the lily of the field is free, even encouraged, to bloom in its time, in fulfillment of the measure of its creation.  This is Christ.  Power, and glory, and patience, and wisdom, and love.  Christ IS creation, and creation is Christ…power, and glory, and patience, and wisdom, and love.

And peace.

Yes, there will be peace.

When we choose it.

10 comments on “There Will be Peace

  1. Hi Scott. Thanks for your writing. Enjoyed as always.
    Where does satan fit in? Illusion? Concept? Is he playing a part? He was lught, love. After being love and light, for ever, he chose darkness.?? Seems weird.
    Did he choose to be the opposing force so we could have the illusion experiences? Is he the world concept. False self?? Illusion??
    If all is a part of God, how does he fit in?
    Yin-yang? Opposition in all things.?
    “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind.”
    Its confusing to me.
    Reading for the 3rd time….ACIM. also reading, NTI. Are you familiar with this book? The full title is ‘the Holy Spirits Interpretation of the New Testament.

  2. Sue, great question. I’m just being honest and unguarded with my response. I just don’t think about Satan. I don’t know the answer to all of your proposals. In a way, they’re probably all true. If satan exists, he (she? It?) is probably all of those things. At the minimum, satan exists in our minds and culture, but you know what, since I don’t think about him, does he exist in my mind? Perhaps he is the ego?

    WOW! 3rd time through ACIM? That’s amazing. I’m slogging through it for the second time, but joyfully so. That whole “guilltless” thing – from the section on “The Circle of the Atonement” – I think on page 84 (or 82). It struck me like a lightning bold when I read for the second time (second time during this reading, LOL). When it finally hit, it was like this window into the true nature of God and our existence. This whole idea that pervades our existence that we are somehow held eternally accountable by someone outside ourselves is nonsense!

    So cool that you enjoy reading what I write. I’m very thankful. Please tell me more about NTI? Is it similar to the Aquarian Gospel?

  3. Looked it up. Have an amazon gift card. will order it. Thanks!

  4. Hi Scott, just wanted to let you know I really enjoy what you are writing!
    My spiritual journey has led me to ACIM. At first I wanted to resist what it
    was saying, because my concepts of what I had been taught my whole life
    about God and Christ wanted to dominate. But thru the events and thoughts
    that I had that led me to this work I cannot deny the truth of what is being said
    in this book by Christ. I know deep inside of me, in the deep recesses of my
    mind that what this book is teaching and saying is true. It is great to see others
    coming to this conclusion. I do not know if you know of or have heard of Gary
    Renard…but he is considered one of the most respected teachers on this and
    really teaches what the course says, he does not deviate from its core message
    of nondualism. He wrote a book called the Disappearance of the Universe, if
    you have not read this book I highly recommend you read it. It will help you to
    understand the ACIM much better, you will really start to get it. In fact all of his
    books will really help one to understand what the course is saying in a laymans
    terms. His books can be found on Amazon.


    • Margo, so nice to hear from you. Very few people comment on my posts at all. Guess it is what it is. It’s a funny thing about ACIM. The timing has to be right. One has to be prepared, and if one is prepared, it lands like a ton of bricks with the force of universal, eternal truth. if not prepared, one is likely to reject it as “new age” or some sort of fraud. But – it opens the door to so many things. My list of books to read is long, and while I’m a steady reader, I’m not a voracious reader. I watch too much TV and piddle around on FB – but I’m NOT going to feel guilty about that. LOL!

      Anyway, I write in hopes that I will either confirm or strengthen someone’s experience or understanding, or perhaps open the door to a new perspective that might lead them where they want to go. “You are not alone” is an implied theme. So, I’m glad to be able to love you in that way, and that you are in a position to receive that love. Thanks so much, again, for reaching out. It helps so much!


    • Yes, in the mind,therefore, of this world. Illusion. Great thought. The book, interested to hear what you think. I struggle to read anything but scriptures, but when I’m led to other sources/books, by the H.S., I go. The NTI is a frequent resource for God to lead me to right now. You can email me anytime. Good idea.

  5. Scott you are right a person does have to be ready for this information or they will
    likely reject it. True about all the books to read so much out there. Even if you cannot
    get Gary’s book, just reading thru some of the comments on Amazon about the book
    is helpful. Keep up the good work. Margo

  6. Margo, I don’t think I expressed my appreciation for the referral to Gary. it might have sounded like I dismissed it. Not at all. Actually – it’s good to feel that we are not alone. LOL.

  7. Not at all Scott, i did not take it that way at all. But thanks for the reply. ACIM can
    sometimes be hard to understand and Gary’s books really helped to put it in
    perspective for me. Margo

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