Love is…

Love is a state of existence.

It just is.  It is the “I AM” of God.  It is my “I AM”.  It is your “I AM”.

Love is, or it is not.

Love is eternal life.  Any state of existence other than love is death. (John 17:3)

Love is knowing that every other sentient being is, just as you are. Therefore, when multiple sentient beings exist in their “love” state, they are one.  This is unity.  In this sense, love “binds us all together”, for we share the same state of existence.  One heart, one mind.  Zion.  This is eternal life – not just for the individual, but for all who choose it.  We cannot exist in eternal life by ourselves – only together.

Sin is separation.  Since love is unity, sin is being without love.  If we choose to live in a state of existence other than love, we are choosing to live in sin. Sin is therefore a state of existence that is not love.  Sin is not an act.  Sin is existing without love.  However, this state of existence can be manifest in an infinite number of ways.

When we choose to exist in a state of love, we no longer exist in sin.  Sin does not need to be forgiven, it just needs to no longer be.  When we choose love as our state of existence, we have rejected sin.  We have been born again. Sin no longer exists for us, because we live in a state of love.  We are love.  We have become love, even though we always were love.  Very few are truly born again, yet all will eventually be born again.

Love is beyond good and evil.  There is no judgment in love.  Love just is.  It is truly unconditional.

There is no fear in love because there is no judgment; no good and evil; no internal duality.  Love just is.

Love doesn’t stop being because someone doesn’t understand it, or doesn’t recognize it, or loses touch with their “I AM”.  Love just is, and it waits patiently to be remembered.

Love is acceptance, but love can only accept love.  Love cannot be given without being received.  When given and received, or remembered, love grows.  It expands.  Love, only given, is therefore stagnant.  It must be given and received in order to expand.  Yet, it never ceases to exist, for love is God, and God is love.

Separation, or sin, being the absence of love, or not love, is by definition bound.  It has limits, even if they are self-created and self-imposed. If it did not have limits, there would be no separation, because all beings would be limitless, and therefore they would be one.   A state of separation exists because boundaries have been defined, even if they are illusionary.  This can not, therefore, be infinite.  It cannot be eternal.  A state of separation can not be shared without ceasing to exist.

These limits are created out of fear…the fear of not existing.  We fear that if we do not define ourselves we will not exist.  We fear that if we are one, we will not exist.  How great is this irony, that we create the seeds of our own death out of fear of not existing?  Abandoning this illusion is the ultimate act of faith and trust in God.

Love is God’s will.  In other words, God’s will is that we all live in our “I AM” state – or our state of love.  This is His only will, and all other manifestations of that will are derivative from that will.  This is also our will, and any other understanding of God’s will, or our will, is an illusion.  I am reminded, of course, of the two great commandments. (Matthew 22:36-40)

Love is manifest in the desire for oneness; to live without fear; to not judge, but to accept with endless hope – even knowledge – that God’s will shall be fulfilled in and through every living soul.  Love never condemns, but continually, tirelessly invites.

As I write this I couldn’t help but be reminded of Paul’s great treatise on love in 1 Corinthians 13.

There is no duality in love.  There is only love.  Perhaps the ultimate irony is that, in the end, there is only one duality…love or not love.  Eternal life or sin.  God’s will (and our will) or not God’s will.  The tree of life, or the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Love…or not love.

Love is a state of existence.

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  1. Agree! Well said. Thanks Scott.

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