The Gospel According to Scoot #2 – “The Holy Spirit”

What is the Holy Spirit?

What is a spirit?

Since a spirit has no body, no form, yet it still exists, it must exist as thought.  It has no physical manifestation, so it cannot exert physical force (jury still out on that, actually), so it can only influence by intelligence. Thus, a spirit is a mind, and a mind is a “system of thought”.  This “system of thought” includes knowledge (memories, proven facts, assumed facts, experiences, etc), values, hopes, desires, and “personality” – or the means by which we connect all these things together to make decisions, or draw conclusions, which then in turn become knowledge.

For the Holy Spirit to abide in us, we must accept its mind, which, as we are told in Lectures on Faith, is the mind of God.  So, the mind of God is a system of thought – knowledge, values, hopes, desires, and personality – that we recognize as desirable, and which we incorporate into our own system of thought, which is based upon our own knowledge, values, hopes, desires, and personality, making, therefore a “new man”, a “rebirth”, for what are we if we are not our body?  We are our mind, of course.  Our “new man” is a combination of our own mind and the mind of God, or a new mind.

The trick is that we have to have the desire, and then the faith, to seek the mind of God.  This desire must be part of our mind.  In “A Course in Miracles”, Christ says:

“If you are willing to renounce the role of guardian of your thought system and open it to me, I will correct it very gently and lead you back to God.” Pg 54.

The mind of God is accessible to us if we do not fear it.  As we seek and receive it, it will come, but this mind contains knowledge, values, hopes, and desires, perhaps even “personality” that is not necessarily our own.  It is familiar, because it is the mind of our creator, our Father, but it can be difficult to receive as part of our own.  We must be honest, open, of a “broken heart and contrite spirit”.  We cannot be closed off by walls of protection – the ego – if we hope to be able to incorporate this other mind into our own, and thus experience this rebirth.  In other words, we must invite this mind of God, the Holy Spirit, to meld with our own.  We must repent.  We must seek, ask, knock.

Now, the Holy Spirit is spoken of as a comforter.  How does it comfort?  To comfort means to assure, to assuage fear, to ease or eliminate pain.  How does the Holy Spirit do this?  By being our access to the mind of God.  God is love.  God is peace.  God is patience, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, encouragement.  He is all of these things, and when we invite the Holy Spirit, the mind of God, to “abide in us”, we take onto ourselves (for, again, we are not our body – but we are our mind, our spirit) all of these attributes.  We become love.  We become peace…and patience, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, encouragement.  We are comforted. We have taken His yoke upon us, which burden is light. Then, is this Holy Spirit also the mind of Christ?  Of course, for we are told clearly in John Chapter 17 that Christ became one with the Father.  In taking into ourselves the mind of God, in receiving this Holy Spirit, we become one with Christ as He is one with the Father.  All who become one with Christ are then one with each other.  They have each become a “new man”, each still with its own personality, but having incorporated the mind of God, even with His personality, into their own.  They are of one heart and one mind.  They are Zion.

I have said before, “There is no magic”.  As a matter of fact, the evolving purpose of “The Gospel According to Scoot” is to overcome the idea of “magic”, and to promote understanding; to promote knowledge of God, for, again, we are told that

“…this is life eternal, to know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou has sent” – John 17:3.

In sharing these things, I don’t seek to make the Holy Spirit seem less holy, or to make Christ less of a Christ, or God less of a God..  I simply seek to know Him / Them.  I can’t “know” magic – for once I know “magic”, it’s no longer magic.  Honestly, in my mind, it is in this way that we glorify Him.  To truly seek to know Him, to understand Him, and to share that knowledge of Him with others, that they might know Him, and become one with Him.  That is true worship.  That is true glory.  That is…true love.  And that, of course, would naturally be a product of the mind of God…even the Holy Spirit.

2 comments on “The Gospel According to Scoot #2 – “The Holy Spirit”

  1. I disagree with at least two ideas
    First, the Gen Authorites have said we have genders in the spirit world or existence
    And the book of revelation 18:23 talks about sorcery , which is the same word for witchcraft, which decieves the nation’s , so, there is something real to (magic).
    Visit me on FB, Gom laundi
    I also hang my ministry hat at Yahoo. Q@A religion and spirituality section

    • Gom, I’m not sure where gender has anything to do with what I wrote. Concerning “magic”, what I’m trying to say is that, ultimately, everything is understandable – even what we might call “sorcery”, or what the translators of John’s writing might have called sorcery. Were Christ’s miracles “magic”, or was there some sort of science behind His healing power? Is the baptism of fire “magic”? Was the resurrection “magic”? I’m just saying that none of this is magic – only a higher level of intelligence.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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