Be Still…and Know That I am God

Wow – to come out of that experience and try to put it into words….God help me, please.

Be still, and know that I am God.  Be still, and know that I am God.  Be still and know that I am God.  Repeated, repeated, repeated.  Over and over and over.  Again and again and again.

There was a dot.  It was orange.  It was just there.  I perceived it, I thought it, I knew it.  It was a tiny dot, superimposed on a sepia-tinted landscape that included a run-down farm house, with a prairie and a couple of trees in the background.  I had never seen it before.  The dot was placed in such a way that it was on the house, yet it wasn’t on the house.  The scene was two-dimensional – a representation of 3 dimensions, like a painting, but the dot wasn’t.  The dot was non-dimensional.  Somehow, I just knew that.  I began to focus on the dot, but focus isn’t the right word, because the dot wasn’t really there to focus on, it just was.  It wasn’t dimensional.  I could be in the dot or outside the dot.  The dot was still there.  The dot was God, but God wasn’t in the dot.  The dot was everything, and it was nothing – it was just a dot.  The dot itself had no meaning, or value, or significance, except as a point of focus.  When I “focused” on the dot, I gradually  “knew” the universe.  I knew everything in it.  Not in detail – but some of my experiences, or memories, were in there in detail.  But I knew that “EVERYTHING” was in the dot, yet the dot was nothing.  It was just a point of focus.

The universe is a pin-prick in the vast sea of non-existence.

This dot represented the universe, but so much more.  Whereas I think of the universe – “existence” – in 3 dimensions, this universe was non-dimensional.  It just was.  It just is.  It has infinite depth, and width and height, and time, and light, and matter, and energy, and movement and stillness, and love, and experience, and perception, and comprehension and knowledge, and understanding, and peace, and fear (yes – I guess fear exists as a force or a “thing”).  There is duality if we choose to perceive duality, but it is all one.  It IS a oneness.  This oneness is God.  The vastness is God, as is the tiniest detail.

God has a voice.  The universe speaks to itself – I say “itself” because you and I are part of this universe, and God’s voice speaks to us.  It makes itself known unto us. We are one with it, even if we insist on seeing ourselves as separate from it – as unique, which we are, but we are unique only within the context of our oneness.

This is so confusing.

Anyway – God has a voice.  Christ has a voice.  Christ’s voice is “closer”, more accessible to us, and it speaks to us.  It guides, it comforts, it teaches, it encourages…it loves.  Our knowledge of Christ is a manifestation of His love, and it is also a manifestation of God’s love – the love that IS the universe.

Now, I’ve gone from a pin-prick in the vastness of the sea of nonexistence, to the vastness of that pin-prick, to the voice of Christ as an individual consciousness, with the ability to choose, within that vastness (skipped right over the voice of God) to the single choice of that Christ to manifest Himself to us in love, which single choice is manifested to us over and over and over, again and again and again, constantly, repeatedly, as much as WE choose to listen.  Christ made ONE timeless choice, which choice is manifest to us in many tiny, (by comparison) choices or communications, interactions.  Christ IS that choice.  And that choice just is.  That choice – to be our advocate, our teacher, our “savior” in this, our tiny, vast, limitless, dimensionless, corner of that vast universal pin prick in the sea of nonexistence – is the atonement.  That choice is Christ.  That choice is also God.  And God just is.  And Christ is.  And you are.  And I am.  And we are all one in the vastness of this pin-prick in the vast sea of nonexistence.  (Do you recognize the chiasmic structure I that paragraph?  It wasn’t really deliberate, but I went with it once I recognized it)

And the overall, defining characteristic of this non-dimensional, limited “pin-prick” in the vast sea of nonexistence?  Love.  Peace, harmony, joy, union, communion, oneness, wholeness, order…eternal life.  Yes, I saw, or let’s say “comprehended” – somewhat, at least – eternal life.  Maybe this is what I saw because that’s what I wanted to see.  Figure that one out, LOL!  The opposites of these characteristics – the things that give us our perception of a dualistic nature in the universe – fear, hatred, war, conflict, sadness, separation, conflict, individuality, emptiness, chaos – these are all the result of that very dualistic perception.  I could have chosen to see that orange dot as a paint spot oddly placed on the two-dimensional representation of a 3 dimensional landscape – totally out of place, a scar of color on an otherwise perfect, sepia-toned painting, but instead, I perceived that it was a portal into a vision of God.  And when I followed that portal to where it led, the dot never went away, but my comprehension of what it represented grew and grew.  Beyond time, beyond dimension, beyond space, beyond form.  Oh, time, and space, and form are all part of it, but they do not represent limits or boundaries.

By the way – this duality that we perceive – this is the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, while the oneness, the wholeness, is the fruit of the tree of life.  The tree of knowledge of good and evil is based on perception.  It represents duality.  The tree of life is truth.  The truth is love.  Our perception includes fear.  Truth does not.  Our perception includes life and death.  The truth is only eternal life.  The scriptures make this all very clear (Clear?  Yeah – right!  Really – though – it’s all there…once you begin to see it).

Now, I’ve heard descriptions of enlightenment experiences where the individual (that sounds so odd now) was “taken to a high mountain” or lifted into life-altering experience with physical sensations, etc.  I guess I could have described it this way – but that’s not what I “experienced”.  My experience was just me.  Calm.  Peaceful.  No fireworks or anything.  I’m not a fireworks kind of guy – never have been.  Was this an “enlightenment” experience.  I don’t know.  Labels seem so inadequate for describing these things – but then, words are nothing more than labels, even metaphors, for the real thing.

Peace.  Love.  Harmony.  Eternal life.  ‘Be still, and know that I am God.  Be still, and know that I am God.  Be…still.

And know that I am God.”

Great love to you, my friends.

9 comments on “Be Still…and Know That I am God

  1. Scott, wonderful. I recognize some of your experience, though, of course mine was a bit different. I love the fact that the dot is orange 🙂

  2. Of course, they would be slightly different. And that’s good. Yeah – interesting detail with the orange dot, huh?

  3. “I could have chosen to see that orange dot as a paint spot oddly placed on the two-dimensional representation of a 3 dimensional landscape – totally out of place, a scar of color on an otherwise perfect, sepia-toned painting, but instead, I perceived that it was a portal into a vision of God. And when I followed that portal to where it led, the dot never went away, but my comprehension of what it represented grew and grew.”

    What if I instead of “dot” I inserted “face,” as in human face, any face, the face of a neighbor, relative, “enemy,” my own face? A whole new perspective and feeling of love and reverence for all people, all life, wants to erupt outward. Am I getting this a titch?

    • Lori – thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Are you getting it? It’s like that dot was a portal into eternity. Don’t know why it was a dot. Could have been a face, indeed. Would that mean that it would then be the infinite value and potential of that person, or – as I think you mean – all people. Guess it could. Try it! 🙂

  4. Nicely written up. There are a couple of names for this including mystical experience. What people see does very quite a bit. I’ve wondered how much of that is the brain creating a construct to fit what it’s “seeing” thru previously unused “eyes” or in a previously unseen “realm.” What is relatively consistent are the themes that usually come up and yours has them right down to the weirdness of being back “here”. I remember reading about one case, where the person had enough repeated experiences, it became hard to operate here and interact with people.

    • Yes, Tim – it is always a question – “how much of this is just my brain creating what it wants to see?”. I’ve decided not to worry about that. It has worked for me so far. it’s all informative. It’s all training, learning, understanding. it’s all MY process to fulfill my covenant to “seek to know Him”. My heart is sincere, and this is, for me, uncharted territory. The Christ I HAVE come to know so far is not going to betray me. it’s all just seeking to know Him. I KNOW that some – no, ALL – of what I experience is filtered through my fears, prejudices, hopes, loves, etc. It is ALL partly a creation of my mind – but it’s the creation of a mind that is seeking to know God. Was Isaiah any different? Was Jeremiah any different? Was Moses any different, or Paul, or John? We call these men prophets, or apostles. How many hundreds or thousands of others have sought to know God, with all the same sincerity, yet their experiences are lost to history, or if not lost to history, lost to the current canon of scripture, and therefore not revered as such.

      I just have to have the faith to believe that, when the Lord said to me, “Game on”, He was going to provide a way for me to fulfill my covenant. I just have to move forward, seeking, asking, knocking, with faithful abandonment, and accept – receive – what is given. If I question too much the source, I will lose, even disrespect, what I’m being given.

      • By construct I didn’t mean your brain makes it up. I meant your brain is used to receiving spatial input thru your eyes. If your brain is receiving spatial input by another means, your brain is going to make sense of it in some way. And, of course, your brain has no experience with this input conduit. All of what you experience is filtered through your fears… hopes loves as you note. The same thing here. The underlying experience is, by the looks of it, valid. But your brain has to figure out how to present to “you”. That presentation is the construct I was pondering.

  5. Kind of amazing, my friend.

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