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Conversations with God #11 – You Need not Walk Alone

Lord, I suppose I should learn not to always come to you for validation.  I think that I should probably begin to learn to receive validation and joy in myself; in my knowledge that I am doing your will; that I should just be satisfied with that.  At some point, when that perfect day comes, I should not just reflect your light, I should generate my own light.  I don’t like this idea, though – it seems like it would be kind of lonely.

My son, you are mistaken.  Even I reflect the light of the father, all light in the universe is one light.  Man may reject it, and live in darkness, or they may reflect it, or they may let it pass through them.  This is the light of the Father, even the light of all creation; the light of love.  However, those who are one with the Father will magnify the light.  The light being passed on will be more intense than the light they received.  It is in this way that they do the Father’s work.

Also, please do not feel like you cannot come to me – anytime, every time…all the time.  First, such an idea encourages separation and perpetuates “the fall”, and that is exactly the opposite of our purpose, which is oneness. Duh!

Second, in seeking to partake of the fruit of the tree of life while offering it to others; in seeking to live a life filled with love; in seeking to forsake fear and act in faith – to act instead of being acted upon; in seeking to love others without judgment, yourself without guilt, and me without doubt; in seeking these things, you are truly forsaking the world.  That, my friend, would indeed be lonely if you were to go it alone.

Allow me to remind you…you first came to me clumsily, in innocence and ignorance.  You received acceptance and a promise.  You came to me in guilt.  You found forgiveness, even though you didn’t really need it.  You came to me in humility.  You found compassion and understanding.  You didn’t come seeking salvation, but you found it.  You submitted yourself to my authority.  You found merely encouragement and guidance.  You came to me in worship, and you found peace. You came to me seeking to know God, and you found yourself.  You came to me in worship.  You found a friend.

My friend, you have chosen the path that I chose. This brings me joy.  It is a difficult path to follow, but you have chosen it in purity, seeking no reward other than love itself – to be given and received freely.  Please continue to allow me to walk this path with you.  No one knows better than I how lonely it can be.  And no one knows better than I how to comfort and sustain you. There is no need for either of us to be alone. Together, we have joy, and life, and love.  Together we have it all.  Separately, we have nothing.  My love to you always.

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