Conversations with God #10 – Ridin’ the Bus

Lord, why are we on a school bus?

I don’t know – you chose this place.

It’s funny – I’m sitting here in my denim and plaid flannel, and you’re in your white robe.  But you look really relaxed – leaning against the window, your feet stretched out on the seat.

Why wouldn’t I be relaxed?  I’m always relaxed with you.

So, where are we going with this this morning?

Where do you want to go?

Well, I would like to learn more about how we can be separate and one at the same time.  I mean – here we are, you’re on that seat, and I’m on this seat, and we’re looking across the aisle at each other.  Yet, I keep hearing others talk about how I’m supposed to look inside myself to find you – that you exist inside me, and if I’m ever to really experience you, which means your love, I have to look inside.

Yeah, that’s a good one.  But then, I promised you yesterday that we would explore that further, so let’s go.  So try it – just rid your mind of all thoughts.  Zero in on just you, with no distractions, no fears, no concerns.  When you do that, what do you find?

Pause as I try to do this – and I’m actually much more successful than ever before, except I now realize that I do this a lot – just in flashes.

I find peace.  When I really go deep inside, I find peace.  I’m good with me.

That’s right – peace.  That’s who you are.  That’s the real you, the true you, the eternal you.  And guess what, that’s me, too.  And that’s every person you meet.  That is the core of your intelligence that came from the Father, the core that is the seed of your existence.  We are all the same.  We all came from the same seed – the essence of divinity.  So when you look deep inside you, what do you find?  You find yourself, but you also find me, because at that level of perception, we are all the same.  So, to find me, you have to seek yourself, and to find yourself, you have to seek after me.  Because…wait for it…we are all one.

Now, we’re all surrounded by the ego thing.  The ego is what enables us to interact with our mortal existence.  Without it, you might say we wouldn’t exist – at least not in the mortal world.  This ego is a real mess of fear and avoidance, jealousy, of course, perception, knowledge, ignorance, desire for power (born of fear)…it is all the complexity of the human psychology.  And it’s really hard for people to see through that “veil”, if you will, and get to the real you.

So, I just need to practice accessing the real me – that place, that existence, that is peace, that is the essence of divinity.

That’s right, and you’re well on your way.  The more you hang out with the real you, and consequently with me, and the “real you” of others, the more your whole existence takes on the characteristics of that real you, the peace, the harmony, the love, the divinity that is, ultimately, the measure of your creation.  The more you learn to see the real you in yourself, the easier it is to see the real you in others – the easier it is to see their divinity, or, the Christ, in others.  Once you learn to interact with the Christ in yourself, and in others, the easier it is to love them, because in that place, in that perfect essence, you are all the same – we are all the same.

The ego doesn’t go away just because you learn to see through it – you still need it to interact with this mortal existence, but you learn to recognize for what it is – a tool to enable you to manifest the real you – but it’s not you.  And learning to know the real you heavily impacts how you utilize this tool

We are all separate in that we each have the power of determination, the power to choose, to know ourselves, but when we exercise that power fully, seeking truth and knowledge, seeking to become love, we discover, ironically, that we are all the same, even as we’re separate.  In this way, the idea of separation is ultimately an illusion.  It’s like a crescent wrench in the hand of a mechanic – it’s a tool that the mechanic uses, but it is certainly not the mechanic.  And all the mechanics in the shop may be using different tools at the same time, working on different cars, but they’re all in the same shop.

But, Lord – I want to think of you as this superior being, someone I can look to for protection, for judgment (more of others than of myself, of course), for ultimate justice, for acceptance – acceptance by someone other than me, thus “validation”.  I want a king.  I want a savior. There’s comfort in all of that.  It’s easier, and it’s what I’ve been taught all my life.  The desire for that comfort is what caused me to start praying in the first place.  When I promised that I would “seek to know you”, I was wanting to know my King, my Lord, my Savior.  Now, it seems that’s all gone.

No, my son, it’s not all gone.  As long as you, or anyone else, needs me to be those things, I will be those things for them, but that’s their perception.  It doesn’t change who I am, only how I serve those who seek to love me.  That is an illusion, too.  It’s all based in ego and separation.   It’s necessary as long as our interaction is through the veil.  The whole passion was necessary for this.  But when the veil is rent, and you learn to know the real me, you will find that true essence of divinity, and you will find not only me, but you, and all humanity.  You will find our oneness.

Come unto me, my son.  Know me.  We have so much more to talk about.

2 comments on “Conversations with God #10 – Ridin’ the Bus

  1. It’s so brain twisting at times.
    Once again I’m thankful that you write your experiences. They help me see the unification. My friends and acquaintances outside of church….definitely get it. It’s like speaking the same language. Truth. Maybe it’s just the words used, same concept.
    I like the example of the tools and the mechanics. For me, I use fish in the ocean. God is the ocean.
    The ego, what a worldly barrier to get around. Mine is so strong. A protector for sure. Works from fear. (Sounds like worldliness, and the whole Lucifer/Satan purpose). (Even he was given a new name)
    True self, works from love and peace.
    Interesting how the dualness exists within. I am to overcome, and can only do it with Christ…..Love.
    Thanks again Scott.

  2. Sue, have you read “A Course in Miracles”?

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