All that Matters

This being that I talk to; commune with every morning…this Christ – it’s so hard sometimes to get past all the things that are rattling around in my mind, things that are happening in my life; challenges, fears, joys.  I’ve learned to consider it like an update, a “This is what’s going on with me; this is who I am today” and I don’t sweat it.  I just keep at it, and eventually, it’s just us.  Not me and Him, it’s just us.  I don’t have to force it, I just need to let it happen.  Sometimes it’s only 10 minutes, sometimes it’s 30 minutes, but it almost always happens, and when it does…I have peace.  This corporeal body wants to express it with a big bear hug, or walking side by side, or maybe sitting on His lap ( I know – like a 200+ lb, 65-year-old, fat, ugly kid – but I’m not like that when this happens – I’m just, well, I’m just part of us).  I want to just take that being into me, absorbing Him into my very being, becoming as He is – as we all are.  It’s at this time that I can feel His smile in my heart; I can feel His goodness, His perfection, His love; and it’s at this time, for just a bit…every day almost without fail…that I know He’s my friend.  I know it’s all good.  Calling and Election?  Second Comforter?  Third Comforter?  Redemption?  Salvation?  They’re only words.  This – this – is real.  Label it what you want – none of it matters.  All that matters is that there actually is this being who has become love, and in doing so has transcended all the limitations of mortal existence, and who can somehow commune with me while being bombarded by millions of other petitions, of all kinds and flavors, from all states of being, at the same time.  There actually is this being who has magic in His hand – magic to cause the blind to see, to heal the lame and the leper; magic to transform this fearful, jealous heart into a heart filled with joy, and confidence, and peace.  And He knows me.  And we’re friends.  And that’s all that matters.

3 comments on “All that Matters

  1. Bravo! I often feel like I’m reading my own thoughts and experiences….the description of the kid on the lap is da little ifferent, but the rest….amazingly similar.
    Thanks for your post.

  2. Oops…**kid on the lap is a little different….

  3. That’s wonderful, Sue. That’s why I write things like this. 2 possibilities – people will recognize it in themselves, and take assurance and comfort, or they will recognize what may be possible for them. Thank you for sharing that.

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