Conversations with God #9 – To Seek to Know Me

My son, you asked me, “Why must I seek to know you?  Why can I not just know you?”

You must seek to know me for the same reason you must seek to know anyone else.  Your ego has set up a protective shield around you, as has everyone else’s ego.  You (your ego) only expose yourself to those things that don’t cause pain (threaten destruction – of the ego or body), so you tend to keep your interactions with others shallow.  This protection, of course, is driven by fear; fear of pain (physical or emotional), or of cognitive dissonance (intellectual or spiritual – reality challenging your unbelief), or fear of exposure of the ego as the illusion that it is.

To know others, you must reject this fear, so that the ego no longer stands between you and others, but so must they.  When this happens, you may have an eternal marriage, or you may have Zion, because you now have all things in common, and are of one heart and one mind.  Once this happens, of course, and you are able to recognize the Christ within each person, you begin to recognize your oneness.  Your task, and the key to your ascension, is to overcome jealousy and fear, which are manifestations and survival tools of the ego, to the point that you invite others to share this experience of knowledge with you.  Of course, almost all will reject your invitation, but you must keep it open.  Any who do not reject your invitation will be with you in Zion, and will share the Kingdom of Heaven.

To know me is actually much easier, because you only have to get past your own ego.  This includes overcoming your unbelief.  When I told Joseph that if those with him would…“strip themselves of jealousies and fears”, they would…“see my face and know that I am”, that’s what I meant.  They needed, and you need, to overcome your own ego so that you can know me.  With me, however, the only thing there is to fear is overcoming the ego.  I have no guile; I have only honesty.  I seek no power, only influence.  I offer no fear, only joy.  I do not carry the seeds of death, only life…only love.  There is nothing in me to fear, even though the world’s unbelief ascribes fear of judgment and punishment – that is not me, and it need not be part of our relationship.

Furthermore, you cannot know me with your eyes, for I am not my body, just as you are not your body.  You can only know me with your “spiritual eyes” – eyes that can see all of me.  Then you will see my face.  Then you will know me.  Then, and only then, will you be able to know yourself.

Come unto me, my son, and know me.

6 comments on “Conversations with God #9 – To Seek to Know Me

  1. I’ve been working with the same message for a few months. Wonderful isn’t it? Unity. Thanks for sharing. I don’t feel so alone and crazy in my journey.

  2. Sue – did you see that post from Jonathan Smallman? He’s another that’s getting the message. There are many – but we’re on the fringe, because we don’t fear the judgment and punishment.

  3. It’s always wonderful to see how the spirit of A Course in Miracles informs your voice.

    • Lee, it changed my life – not that I’m devoted to it so much as it just opened my eyes to a whole different set of possibilities and understanding of who Christ is, who I am, and what our relationship can be.

  4. Becoming one with God on an individual level is our primary concern. Yes, we gather together and urge others to also become one with God, but we can’t decide for others what they will do. So a whole community of people becoming one with God and successfully implementing the classic idea of a Zion society is a rare event in this darkened world. Nonetheless, we can enjoy the inner peace and joy of Zion by abiding in Jesus at the individual level only.

    • I agree, JP. And it will always remain a rare event unless we prepare ourselves to be part of the chain. Yes – preparing ourselves is our primary concern, and only if you prepare yourself, and I prepare myself, etc. will we all become one. Again – on the same page!

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