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Dichotomies True and False

We live in a world of dichotomies. They are all around us – light and dark, true and false, love and hate, good and evil.

We perceive our relationship with these dichotomies as a battle, and indeed it is so. But our battle is not, as commonly perceived, between good and evil. No, our battle is between light and dark, between selfishness and charity, between ego and unity…ultimately between love and fear, WHICH IS life and death. In other words, love is life, fear is death.

Good vs. evil is based in fear. When we chose to partake…when we CHOOSE to partake of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, we chose fear. Fear is indeed the opposite of love. Fear is the enemy of life.

When we CHOOSE the tree of life, we choose light instead of dark; we choose charity instead of selfishness; we choose unity over ego; we choose love over fear; and in choosing these things, we choose eternal life and reject death. Love is light. Love is life. Love binds us all together in unity, in oneness – the oneness of God. This, love, even the pure love of Christ, is the power that creates and organizes. It is the power that overcomes entropy, which is ultimately death. It is the power that binds instead of separates.

This is the gospel. This is truth. This is light. All religion points to it, but all religion operates in the realm of fear – under the crushing authority of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thinking that doing so will make us “as the gods”. This is false religion.  It is a lie, based on the serpent’s original lie. Instead of eternal life, this fear-based religion brings death.  Commandments, obedience, sacrifice – all are fear-based as long as we think they will bring us eternal life, or that they will bring us closer to Christ. Such things only have power if they bring us to love – no, they only have power inasmuch as they are the PRODUCT of love. Seeking after love, which casteth out fear, is the true religion.

This is so important. We have been operating in fear for thousands of years (or more), and we do not have Zion. We will never have Zion until that changes, until we change. The Lord will not be able to bring about Zion among a people who operate in fear, living a life whose only possible product is death.

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