The Unspoken Covenant

I share the following as a confirmation of something I’ve been advocating for a while now. We do ourselves an injustice when we think that our relationship, our experiences, our interactions with the Lord are supposed to fit a certain pattern or look and feel like those of anyone else.

Joseph saw two figures standing in a pillar of light, then he saw the fiery Savior standing on a pavement of gold, with a voice like rushing wind . Moses talked to a burning bush. The Brother of Jared saw a giant finger. Enoch and Enos didn’t report seeing anything, but heard the voice. Are any of these experiences to be valued above another?

He descended from above in a white robe. I was surrounded by a multitude which I equated with the multitude at Bountiful. As he approached us, though, His eyes focused on me. The encounter became completely personal. There was nothing tactile or sensory about this encounter, but it was real nonetheless. I had the feeling that we had known each other for a very, very long time, and that our intimacy had endured long before my memory…but then, this was my memory, wasn’t it.

We talked, we hugged. It was sweet, it was comfortable, it was peaceful. Two friends who had shared much in the past – nothing specific, just “much”. We talked about sacrifice and justification and judgment…and love. We talked about the book I’m currently reading and how precious it is to those who would receive it. We talked about some of the people that I interact with on Facebook. Yes – this ministry that we are sharing with each other is real and important. We talked about many things that I can’t even remember now, but mainly, we talked.

Then, it happened. The look. After all the talking, after all the questions, after all my attempts to force this experience to be more tactile, more sensory like others have reported, our eyes locked. His eyes were peaceful. No color, nothing more specific – just peaceful. And knowing, and accepting, and intimate, and old…eternal. I still don’t know what His face looks like. I suspect it can look different to different people. I also suspect that it is simply not important. But that look. It contained the unspoken covenant. We both knew it. The covenant itself was ancient, even between us. It was personal. We had made that covenant long ago, and it has not been broken. This covenant didn’t need words. It didn’t need details. It was just there, and we both understood it and we both knew it, and we both honored it and cherished it. It was the unspoken covenant.

And it has not been broken.

This was not the first visit from the Lord, but it was the most profound, the most intimate. That look. That covenant. Words fail me. These visits have never been tactile or sensory, but they have been real. There have been surprise attacks that cause me to gasp briefly, and there have been long, slow prayers where He was sought and invited and He eventually obliged. Each visit has revealed a little bit more about Him, His nature; of me and my nature, and of the nature of our relationship. These visits are neither uncommon nor frequent. They have been of varying intensity and clarity. Together, though, they constitute His response to my faithfully kept promise to “seek to know Him”.

So, again – the Lord can come to us, reveal Himself to us, in an infinite number of ways. These revelations that I have experienced are suited to my personality. Quiet, peaceful, intimate. They have never left me exhausted or drained as if I had been transfigured. I don’t know about all of that. But, boy – that look…that unspoken covenant. That was for ME!

How will He come to you? Please don’t try to put Him in a box. You may miss a look, or a word, or an unspoken covenant that is exactly what YOU need and want.

2 comments on “The Unspoken Covenant

  1. Thank you for sharing this!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Praises be to Jesus, our King, forever!!!!

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