A Child Asks – Why the Atonement?

Why the atonement, I asked? No – REALLY – why? I don’t want to hear it from others – I want to know from you. My answer:
Christ had to show us that WE have power over death – that by living fully IN LIFE – and by that I mean the love that is the universal power that creates, or overcomes entropy (death) – the creative power of the Father which is imbued in all things – that by living fully IN LIFE as He did, WE can overcome death; that love is eternal and real…and living, and everything else is an illusion, is temporary, and is ultimately death. The living water? Love. The bread of life? Love. So, how does this overcome sin, how does it give us blanket forgiveness if we ask for it? How was He the first fruits of the resurrection? Love. If someone dies without love? They don’t get resurrected, because they are not living off of love, they are still sowing the seeds of death, they have not taken onto themselves the living water, and they cannot be resurrected until they do.  This is what is meant by believing in Christ, having faith in Christ. Our sins are overcome by love.  Repentance is regretting that we did not love.  Forgiveness, the wiping out of sin, is brought about by loving, which overcomes death.  Sin (acting in the absence of love) is death, and sin is overcome by that which overcomes death – love.
This is huge, of course, and important, but I still think it’s only part of the answer. The AT-ONE-MENT?  The atonement is Christ pouring out His love on everyone, on everything, for that matter; accepting their sins as His own, casting the cloak of charity (the pure love of Christ – the willingness to be one with us, even if we reject that oneness by our rejection of love) on all. The atonement is the ultimate expression of (and invitation to be part of) the oneness of all in the universe, one in the love of the Father the creator. With the atonement, he erected this huge tent, and said, “You are welcome. Though your sins are as scarlet, they shall be white as snow, because I love you that much.  BUT…this is the love, that which I have shown you through my life, that we must all learn before we can be resurrected, because the resurrection is wrought by love and love alone. Without it, we remain subject to death, because we reject that which overcomes the power of death. WHENEVER you are able to live in this tent – in oneness, in love – I have created a place for you (a mansion?) AND I will wait for you until you are ready.  In the meantime (and this is where it gets good) I will continue to embrace our oneness regardless of your actions or your rejection of this living water that is offered you. I will be there with you in all your struggles, however long it takes for you to figure it out, and when you do, we will kill the fatted calf..
This is so cool when you throw everything out the window, and ask the question of the source, and when you get an answer, you can see how it ties in with all the stuff you just threw out the window – only now you know it’s true – and now you own it. It’s like when you leave your parents’ home and set out to live life, and as you experience it, you are reminded of all the things your parents said and did, only now these lessons are yours, because you’ve tied them to your own experience and your own understanding.
So many things are coming together. I stand all amazed.

4 comments on “A Child Asks – Why the Atonement?

  1. Remarkable essay, Scott. Thank you.

  2. Good to hear from you, Mark. Hope all is well.

  3. My mind calms as I read your writing. Thanks for sharing with us. Once again, ‘I get it’. What I mean is, I have similar understandings and experiences. I love, that when I ask Heavenly Father a question, or just sit and chat, it is not one way.
    There is a sign on a wall, where I attend a meeting. The sign says, “whatever the question, Love is the answer”. Religion can spend alot of time, searching and speculating. Claiming “this is how it is….stop. No other way”. Well I believe that God reaches out to man, where he (man) is, in the moment. Personal Revelation and love are keys to the mysteries. in Galatians 5 we are told, if you live by the spirit you are not under the law…Why? I beleive it’s because personal revelation coupled with love, (God), trumps all. ie…why was it ok for Nephi to kill Laban?
    If I judge or compare and set the rules, I limit God and His power. Love is saying, that’s their experience, love me, love them.
    When I read the scriptures, I need to remember that what I’m reading is someone elses experiences with God and what was needed at that time for them ro have a best of the situation and it was revealed. I don’t think that the scriptures are there for me to do the ‘exactlies’, but rather to show me how to have the connection that others are writing about. That there is truth in a reltionship with God and personal revelation is real.
    I see God making unloving situations (from man’s unloving choices), into loving experiences. But we have to be mindful and willing to overcome and BE…..who we really are…… LOVE.
    My experiences, and needs are different, then those I read, and I seek and claim, to God, the direction and guidance for MY best and highest good. I AM AN individual, and if I believe that God knows me personally, then I must also pick up the other end of the stick….PERSONAL revelation from Love, (God).
    Yes, God does answer….I’m grateful that He is ‘with me always’. He doesn’t go anywhere, I’m the one that turns away, or disconnects.
    If ‘God is love’…..then….the answer is always love. ‘Look to God and live’.
    “Look to LOVE and live”. I enjoy the word substitution. I use it all the time.
    It works with all the words that represent the members of the Godhead. Like….if you live by the spirit you are not under the law…..if you live by LOVE, you are…..
    We were given a new law…LOVE. We were given ‘THE CHRIST’. What/who took our sins (missing the mark), the mark being LOVE….Christ…..LOVE.
    If we do anything without charity, pure love of CHRIST…it counts as naught….
    IT’s all about love….I get it!
    The aha moments. Yippee.
    Good day…..Sue M

  4. Sue, what a great encouragement that your mind calms! Thanks for this beautiful testimony. I am in full agreement. Somehow, love is the answer to all things, and it is all power – the very power of creation.

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