Conversation with God #7

The following conversation did take place. It is not an exact transcript, but the general idea is accurate. For example, the whole conversation took most of an hour, and even carried over into the day. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.


Me: Lord, please. May I have permission to heal my friend? She suffers so much! Every day is a mighty, frustrating, maddening struggle for her. I don’t know how she goes on!

Christ: My son, are you willing to sacrifice <this> for her? If your sacrifice would heal her, would you do it?

Me: Oh, no! Not <that>! (Much thought, pondering, preparing myself – many minutes).

Me: Yes, Lord – obviously, if my giving up <this> would mean that she would be healed of her affliction, of course I will do that. (Gulp!)

Christ: Good. I mean, after all, I gave my LIFE that YOU might be healed. I’m only asking you to sacrifice <this>, and only for 30 days.

Me: Yes, Lord. I understand. So, if I give this up for 30 days, you promise she will be healed, right?

Christ: Well, not necessarily.

Me: Huh?

Christ: What percent of a chance that she would be healed would be enough for you to be willing to make this commitment? Would you make this sacrifice for a 50% chance? 20 percent? 2 percent?

Me: Wow, Lord – I don’t know. I see what you’re saying…you gave your life while I’m only giving <this> for 30 days. I’m asking for a guarantee, but you gave all knowing that only a tiny percentage of those who could be healed, who could be saved, would actually look upon your gift and validate your sacrifice. Gee, I guess I would do this even if the chance is infinitesimally small.

Christ: Good, my son. That’s right. Now, Scoot – you don’t really need to sacrifice in her behalf. You see, I already sacrificed that she might be healed – cleansed every whit. She only needs to believe..believe in me and that I did this for her. Heal her with confidence in my power and authority…which I give to you this day, in my Holy name.  Amen.

5 comments on “Conversation with God #7

  1. Thanks for sharing that conversation. This gives me great hope 🙂

  2. Scott! I liked this. I long for the day when I can hear the voice of the Lord in a clear and distinct way. How can one find peace where one is so far from where one could be?

    • Christian – I’m glad you liked it. I’ve been in a situation lately where the “where one could be” is clear and the standard is very high, and my own weakness is shining neon. The comparison is stark, and the experience has been painful. Still, He’s there. He has not abandoned me. I’m closer to that standard than I was 3 months ago. He knows it and I know it. It just so happens that the gap is more visible that it was when I was living in Salt Lake City, working in babylon, etc. This is growth. So – if you’re painfully aware of your weakness, rejoice, because that is what he wants for you. Now – to heed my own encouragement. 🙂

  3. Was your friend healed?

    I have an brother in law that has unbelievable pain every day from an accident that happened while working on the temple in New Zealand. He broke about every bone in his body and now has constant nerve pain. I have had a desire to see him healed. I have prayed and asked the Lord to give me permission to give him a blessing without answer. I’ve often thought what if the Lord said, “okay go ahead that is my wish”, what would I do? Maybe that’s why he hasn’t answered because I would be scared to death. What if my words just fall to the ground! What if he doesn’t get any better! All of the faithless “what if’s” thoughts run through my head!

    I hope one day to be cleansed every whit from my sin, that I may command in the name of the Lord and people will be made whole, as long as it’s according to his will.

    That’s the question! Is it his will that he continue to suffer or is it his will that someone step up and be qualified to do the work and the Lord is just waiting for that someone.

    Just some thoughts!

    Thanks for your words and your blog, I hope all is well for you!

    P.S. We went to lunch in Murray months ago before you moved, I don’t know if you remember me…

    • Chris, of course I remember you. We had a very nice lunch together.

      My friend was not healed, and your thoughts couldn’t echo my own had I written them myself. I don’t know what the key is, and it is frustrating.

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