Zion, Sacrifice, and the Empathy Ratio

The very fact that we think of our service to the Lord as a sacrifice is a sign that we are clinging to babylon.

Christ invites us to come unto Him and receive glory beyond glory. He invites us to become beings washed clean of all iniquity, clothed in light and truth…to know Him and to receive eternal life. “…men are that they might have joy”. He has invited mankind from the very beginning to establish a Zion society – where everyone is of one heart and one mind and where there are no poor among them. In what conceivable way could the pursuit of such things be considered a sacrifice? Only if we still love babylon, with its fear, its unbelief, its stuff and its culture of competition, would we consider the process (or act) of leaving those things behind to be a sacrifice.

If we believe in Christ, if we believe in His promises, why would we not believe that Zion is possible – even a certainty? Why would we not leave everything behind in our desire to find it?

I do not claim to have answered all these questions for myself. Perhaps, though, having asked the question, I can begin finding the answers.

The Empathy Ratio: The percentage of time that you spend thinking of the needs of others vs. your own personal needs. If we trust Christ – if we consider the lilies – our empathy ratio should rise, should it not? What’s your empathy ratio? 20%? 70%? 90%? I would bet most mothers have an empathy ratio approaching 80%! Christ? Probably in the 90% range.  It’s humbling when I take this measure of myself.

3 comments on “Zion, Sacrifice, and the Empathy Ratio

  1. Great post my friend. I will be sharing this with the rest of my family. 🙂

  2. […] Full article here: Zion, Sacrifice, and the Empathy Ratio. […]

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