A Prayer for Zion

Oh, Lord My God

When I in awesome wonder

Consider all the worlds thy hands have made

I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder

Thy power throughout the universe displayed

Then sings my soul

My Savior, God to thee

How great thou art! How great thou art!

Then sings my soul

My Savior, God to thee

How great thou art! How great thou art!

                                How Great Thou Art – words by Stuart K. Hine

jesusOh, Lord my God.  I do indeed wonder at thy greatness, thou who created the worlds and all things that in them are.  I wonder at thy perfect righteousness, thy goodness…thy love.  I wonder, in awe, that the elements obey thy word simply because of their love for and complete trust in thee.  I wonder most, though, that thou wouldst condescend to hear my prayers, to speak to me, to comfort me, even to abide with me – one of the few of all thy creations who has been rebellious against thy perfect will.

Nevertheless, even having rebelled, I seek to offer myself, a highly imperfect vessel, to do thy will; verily clay in the potter’s hand.  I ask thee to forgive me, to purify me, to sanctify me to thy service.  I offer my heart, my will, my whole being, to thee.  This not an easy thing for me or for any of thy prideful human children to do, but you already know that, and still you love me.  Somehow, I know that you love me just for making the effort; and it is that very effort, Lord, that I pledge forever unto thee.

I approach thee this day and every day, Lord, with a heart repaired through the subtle but awesome power of thine atoning sacrifice, the crumpled pieces once offered…only to be made whole by thy grace.  I am less than the dust of the earth, yet I approach thee with confidence forged out of virtue, charity, and a knowledge of thy forgiving nature.  Indeed, I approach thee with arms outstretched, crying to receive all that thou wouldst give, even thy New and Everlasting Covenant, the Fullness of thy Gospel…yeah, even with Zion.

Lord, today I pray especially for Zion.  I pray for all those who would seek it, especially if they are currently lost and do not know fully what it is that they seek.  I pray that their hearts and minds will be opened that they might receive the knowledge you would give.   I pray further that we may all be gathered together to share in this promised miracle…the establishment of Zion.

You have told us that great tribulations are coming – the prophecies are clear – and that Zion will be a place of refuge for the righteous.  However, we few…thy humble followers, do not seek Zion only as refuge and protection.  We desire not to wait for this coming destruction before we seek thy face.  No, we seek thy face because we love thee, and because you have invited us to do so.  We are truly repulsed at the evil in the world today, but our desire is not to leave babylon as much as it is to come to Zion. We desire thy Zion.  We crave thy Zion.  This desire burns within us because we have tasted thy goodness, and we would truly come.

We know you would have a place to dwell among us; that this is thy desire; even the dream of a Savior; that your loving sacrifice should not be in vain.  We know that your love, your patience, and your forgiveness flow freely to those who seek after thee.  We know that this, thy dwelling place, must be prepared first in our hearts, and only then in the community of Zion.  Lord, that we might prepare that holy place for you, we ask thee:

  • Help us cast aside all jealousy.
  • Help us reject fear and replace it with charity for all our brothers and sisters.
  • Help us to destroy any and all idols that might stand between us and thee.
  • Remove from us all pride – that we might draw ever nearer to thee.
  • Teach us, that we may overcome – even reject – the fall, and no longer be bound by it, for we choose instead to be reconciled and sanctified to thee through thine atonement.
  • Help us recognize that, through you, our value is infinite and our souls are priceless.
  • Grant unto us thy vision, that we may see as you see.
  • Bless us that we might know the fullness and the power of thy love, and reject the counterfeits that govern the hearts of so many men today.
  • Entrust to us with the power and authority that we need to establish thy Zion.

We have seen in our hearts thy glory, O Lord, even the glory of Zion.  Though babylon would reclaim us, we cannot turn back.  You have called, Lord, and we would be chosen.  With every step, every prayer, every gift, every sacrifice we draw closer to Zion, and thus closer to thee.  The light thou hast sent us must never cease to shine, for if it ever did, the resulting flood of darkness would be too much to endure.

Because of you, Lord…because of your love for us, and because of our love for thee:

  • Though we are rejected, we will welcome
  • Though we are hurt, we will heal
  • Though we are accused, we will forgive
  • Though we may have cause to mourn, we will rejoice
  • Though we are weary, we will dance
  • Though we are hated, we will love

We would have Zion, Lord, and we would be thy people.  We would prepare a place for thee, even a place where your dreams may be fulfilled and your glory manifest – where you may abide.  We pray that we might have a hand in establishing this Zion in thy name.  We ask thee to accept this, our sincere prayer, and we offer it in thy holy name, even the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

10 comments on “A Prayer for Zion

  1. My heart rejoices as I read these words!
    May the “though we” statements at the end of your post be our decree.
    Yesterday I picked up a guy off the freeway to give him a ride and told him how my great desire is to have Zion. Thank you for this petition to the Lord. I know you were given the words from the Lord to speak/write. This is scripture or will be scripture. Love, Sister Sally

  2. You make me smile happily, Sally! That’s wonderful – declaring your desire for Zion to a complete stranger! Every time we do this, we plant another seed of hope.

  3. Beautiful Prayer Scott! I can tell of your love of the Lord and desire to be His servant. I share that desire. Thank you for putting my heartfelt thoughts and desires to words!

  4. True words! Thanks!

  5. I remember a few months ago, I longed for the The Lord to come spend some time with us at dinner and so I set a place for him at the table. My wife asked who the extra place was for and I told her and she kind of laughed/smiled. He didn’t appear, he didn’t visit us in a physical form but I swear I could feel him in spirit and the evening was special. I long to be in his presence. Sometimes I think I just need to invite him more often. I believe he wants to join us but just waits for an invitation. Thanks for all your words Scott! May your prayer become a reality…

  6. I am not much for reading blogs, let alone posting comments but this one made my nose do that scrunchy thing. Now, while I will not judge Scoot’s intentions, I do want to share a sincere warning.

    “Do not pray as the Zoramites do, for ye have seen that they pray to be heard of men, and to be praised for their wisdom.”

    I am confident that Scoot would adamantly deny having wisdom sufficient of deserving praise or for having a desire to be heard of men. Yet I am also confident that those who believe they are acting in righteousness can in fact be acting in grievous error – in absolute ignorance. Such are those who cast out devils in the Lords name while believing they are just and doing their proper duty. However, not all those who profess his name and do works in his name are known by him.

    “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

    It is a delicate balance to be on the side of righteousness when professing “though we are rejected, we will welcome” while simultaneously “un-inviting” – In the name of the Lord – we will find ourselves leaning towards taking upon us the name of viper, hypocrite and accuser rather than that name which we desire – Christ. In this state we can put out an extra chair at the table all we want… but if you cast out even the least of these you have cast him out.

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