A Personal Standard of Righteousness and Truth

blue flagIt has flown for years in my spiritual vision, but its presence in my day-to-day consciousness is increasing rapidly.  The image becomes just a little more focused every time I honor it with my faith, trust and obedience.  Not long ago, it was nothing more than a vague perception high on a distant mountain top.  As the focus increases, it appears to be drawing closer and closer, and details that I never made out before are becoming clearer.  It flies bravely from the top of an iron pole that is straight, tall and shining white, with a beautiful gold ornament at the top.  It looks much like any other flag; about twice as long as it is wide; finely woven of a deep blue cloth – royal, honorable, true.

I speak today of my own personal standard of righteousness and truth.  To be sure, I feel it more than I see it, but it is no less real for me than the flag that flies over any state or national capitol.  As I said, it has probably always been there, but when I was shown it recently while I was praying, I was suddenly given to recognize how critical it is to my journey.  This standard calls me; it beckons me.  As I approach it, light seems to increase.  There’s a warmth and a fullness that grows inside me.  The sensation is familiar and comfortable, even safe – as if I’m coming home.

I know its call.  I know what it means, all that it represents.  The depth and details of its principles, laws, even commandments, as well as their application, are recalled from my eternal memory.  Having recalled them, they are no longer new to me.  It’s not like the ensign of Zion – a beacon unto all the world as mentioned in D&C 64:42 – although it was clearly woven on the same loom:

And she shall be an ensign unto the people, and there shall come unto her out of every nation under heaven.

This standard is much more personal and much more accessible.  It’s mine.  I may envision a nation or a world of people gathered around a summit, with the ensign of Zion waving above them, but I never see the multitude attaining the summit.  On the contrary, I hope someday to spiritually wrap myself in the cloth of my standard.  This, my standard of righteousness and truth, is custom made to emphasize the things that I personally need to perfect, and its promise is that I will ultimately fulfill the measure of my creation.

It is a glorious standard, constructed and offered lovingly by the Lord Himself.  It is glorious in that it actually contains the seeds of godhood.  It is a standard of compassion, understanding, patience, and meekness.  It is a standard of courage, loyalty, and commitment.  It is a standard of honesty and integrity.  Above all, it is a standard of love.

I am learning to recognize, when I think, do, and become, whether I am in harmony with my standard.  More and more frequently, when I contradict it, I feel very ill-at-ease.  I am learning to repent more and more quickly.  Practice makes perfect, I guess.

Honoring my standard takes a considerable amount of faith.  Obviously, babylon would teach me to largely ignore it.  That is to be expected.  It is the nature and the evil of babylon.  I’m finding, however, that there are those, even within my church associations, who do not understand how I am being drawn towards it.  They seem to think that because my understanding of, and faith in, gospel truths is different than theirs, I must be deceived.  What they don’t seem to understand is:

  • My standard is just as customized for me as theirs is for them, so there will be differences, but…
  • Since all personal standards of righteousness and truth come from the same source, close adherence by both of us should reveal that we are ultimately in harmony
  • It is spiritually demeaning for all of us when we judge another person’s sincere effort at learning truth and living righteously to be misguided, misinformed, or somehow less than sincere simply because we don’t understand them. In my experience, such judgments are typically motivated by fear and, ironically, a lack of faith.

So, as predicted by the Savior Himself, persecution is likely to accompany me the closer I get to truly honoring my standard.

A beacon, a guide, a personal ensign, my noble blue standard is lovingly constructed, specifically for me, from the mind of God, by the mind of God – even the Holy Ghost.  As I enable myself through faith, trust, and obedience to shed the bonds of this world, it continues to come more sharply into focus, calling me home.  Where following it seemed at one time like a hazy dream, it is now a sharp reality.  I thank my Lord for His patience and persistence; for gently nudging me, over and over again, toward this standard of righteousness and truth.  I now understand even more fully that by following the principles that it represents, I can eventually become one with the mind of God and thus with my Lord and Savior, even Jesus Christ.  In His holy name, Amen.


10 comments on “A Personal Standard of Righteousness and Truth

  1. Beautiful words! I have been memorizing the hymn “The Lord is my light” today while ironing. I thought of those words as I was reading this post just now. There is a power in the written word. Whether it is in a blog form like yours, poems, or hymns/songs.

    Have a wonderful rest of your Monday! Your sister in Christ-Sally

  2. Sally, I really appreciate hearing from you. Hope all is well. Many changes coming on the horizon. How fast? I don’t know, but they’re certainly coming. We must be prepared by centering on Him.

    • “We must be prepared by centering on him.” That is so true! I am trying to help my husband and children in pointing them to Christ. Serve them, be long-suffering, gentle, meek. Sharing lots of scriptures and pointing out patterns. Have a Zion family. They are all learning about the importance of having their baptism “complete”-Baptism by Fire. How the path includes C&EMS, 2nd Conferter. I am a trailblazer for my family.

      All is well here. I love how the Lord can take any situation we find ourselves in and use it for good. 2 Saturday’s ago we just got home from the Temple. We have a steep driveway and unloading things from the back of the van is easiest when we park backwards-rear facing the house. I went outside (dark outside) and directed him. Making sure he didn’t the metal desk I had up against the house. After the fact I realized I ignored the prompting to Just move the desk. I was foolish and I stood straight in back of the van and ended up being pinned between the van bumper and the desk. It took aboutc10 seconds before my husband realized what had happened and pulled the van forward. I fell to the ground. I was very blessed and protected. I did not break anything, just severely bruised my inner right thigh (it looked like South America or a little like Australia).This accident scared/shooked the whole family. He had to carry me into the house. My Dad who lives near by came over and I was given a sweet and short PH Blessing from my husband.This gave my husband the opportunity to act on his Faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I was commanded to Arise and walk. I got up and started to walk around (I was still limping). I was able to fully function the next day and give my talk in Sacrament MTG which happened to be on Faith in Christ. I was even able to walked up the stairs to my Primary class and teach my CTR 4 class.

      I will send you an e-mail if you like and share what I shared with my Ward in the talk and share the rest of the story. Your Sister in Christ-Sally

  3. Of course, I would love that!

  4. I don’t remember who said it, but paraphrasing, “Never judge or compare yourself to another son or daughter of God, you have NO comprehension of the journey they are on.”

  5. Thank you Scot, I find your article very thought provoking. I also recognize a pattern emerging as someone else recently told me of their personal journey in seeking the Lord, and his comments were very, very similar to what you’ve said here.

  6. Interesting poetic use here of the secondary meaning of the word “standard”—that is, of a flag or naval ensign, to metaphorically represent its primary meaning in a Gospel context, that is a set of principles or moral values by which to live. Very clever. 😊

  7. I am so glad you shared this with us. It strikes me as a very useful exercise in self discovery. I think designing an ensign would reveals a spiritual core that I may not be fully aware of.

  8. Thank you, Mark! I’m glad you read it. Of course, getting in touch spiritually so that we recognize quickly when we transgress it has been described in many other ways: being sanctified, losing the desire to sin, the Holy Ghost, – I’m sure you’re much more capable of constructing a list than I am. The amazing thing? One person in one FB group attacked me, asking if I supported women in the priesthood and gay marriage – apparently because I didn’t attribute this standard to the church or the brethren. Then he blocked me and accused me of bring anti-church because I refused to answer his accusations. Whoah!!!! Thanks for being my friend, Mark!

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